Work from your home not from an office

Work from home business has taken a huge leap in recent few months as the whole economy is under lock-down.

Hereby work from home I don’t mean to say that you work for a company as an employee what I mean is you work for companies but as a freelancer or start your own work from home business

Freelancing means you have certain skills in any field like SEO, logo designing, graphics designing, game designing, content writing, sales skills, blogging, technical skills, or anything.

There are lots of freelance websites where you can sell your services and you can charge money to clients as you like. Even if you don’t have any skill

Starting a business from home means starting online business like blogging, dropshipping, Instagram marketing or any startup idea.

Blogging means you start your own website and write content that people are searching for. Blogging is a very professional career but at the same time its hectic if you don’t know how to blog but if you have knowledge about blogging you can successfully make 6 figure income in blogging.

Drop-shipping means selling products directly to the customer from the supplier. In drop-shipping, you can easily earn money if you identify the right type of product. You can dropship from Shopify, meesho, Ali-express, and more.

You can use Shopify for international drop-shipping and expanded your business to various countries. Go google about Shopify you will find 100+ articles on Shopify to help you get started.

If you want to drop-ship your products to a particular country like India. Meesho will be a better option as its focus is only in India you can check this website it posts really good content on how to start your work from home business with Meesho and many other articles.

In Ali-express you can find cheap products to get started with. As a beginner drop-shipper, you have to make sure to sell products at a cheap price so you can catch some customers. Once you have a good customer base you can start to charge a high price for your products.

You can also earn money from apps like Instagram or Facebook. If you ave a good fan following or you own a meme page and people love the stuff your post on your social media channels. You can definitely earn good money as you can sponsor products of other companies on your profile. As you have lots of followers companies can reach good customers.

If you are thinking to buy followers from spam ways like fake followers, then you must know this no company will partnership with you as it is very easy to identify fake followers of any account on social media.

Startup ideas- Well to be honest you will either find success or failure with this idea. If your startup idea is good enough and it is solving the problems of customers or people, then people will definitely buy your services or products and you can really make good profit with it. But in the same way if you haven’t done good marketing research on your startup idea or its not solving the problems of people then definitely you will fail. But if you find success its going to be GREAT success for you.

Tell me in comments which work from home idea you like the most and are there any other idea you would like to suggest