Women’s libido and 5 sure ways to pick it up

Now, what is libido? In layman’s terms basically, it is your sex drive or your mood to get intimate with your partner. It differs from person to person, but it is generally noted that women are more prone to have low libido as compared to men.  And hence, sometimes it may not be so easy for them to get in the mood for it. But there’s nothing to worry about, this is fairly common in females. There are a bunch of things that can bring that spark in your life back, lets have a look:

  • Eating vegetables

Having the proper diet and nutrition is the solution to many things, and that includes your sex drive.  Green vegetables are actually responsible for fueling your adrenal glands. These glands help in circulation and produce sex hormones. So, make sure you’re getting your daily dose of greens!

  • Exercise

One reason that you’re not feeling so enthusiastic in bed could be your physical well-being. An inactive body will obviously not have enough energy or stamina. Exercising regularly produces happy hormones, builds stamina and endurance. Once you start being physically active, you will definitely start noticing the difference.

  • Mood pills

Sometimes exercise and having the right diet can take … longer than you want and it is frustrating to wait to get in the mood. Then Hera mood pills are the magic pill for you! Packed with the goodness of ginseng ( a natural aphrodisiac) and 7 essential herbs, it enhances libido, arousal, and orgasm all at once.

  • Aphrodisiac foods

You probably must have heard of the term aphrodisiac, if not, these are certain food items and herbs which stimulate the nerves around the genitals and increases sexual desire and behavior. Avocados, bananas, chocolates are common aphrodisiacs and you can easily include them in your daily life to see the desired effects.

  • Essential oils

Low libido may be caused by an imbalance of hormones and essential oils such as lavender and sage reduce stress and improve hormone balance. Sage helps to equalize estrogen production. So using these essential oils either in aroma or consumption may improve your overall sexual health and desire.

In conclusion, a lot of factors play a role in how high or low your libido is, how excited you are feeling in the bedroom. So, it’s just best to try and see what works for you. Usually, people can overcome this issue fairly easily, and it’s nothing to worry about.