Why you should start watching money heist immediately

Netflix is known for bringing out some of the best Web show series and movies in the last coulee of years. Narcos, Thirteen Reasons Why, Lost in Space, and many other shows have made it big globally. Say what you will, but I personally think that none of these is even the best show Netflix has made. Yes, I am talking about ‘Money Heist’, also known as La Casa de Papel (House of paper) in its native language, Spanish.

The show isn’t a web show made by Netflix, it is a Spanish TV show, but you will find it the most watched non-English show on Netflix right now. And even if you don’t use Netflix, you can watch it on dozens of other Spanish=English content websites like Cuevana, but whatever you do, Watch this Show immediately!

What you are missing

Believe us when we say that by not having watched this show yet, you have kept yourself from one of the most compelling shows of our times. As the name money heist suggests, the show revolves around the story of a group of highly experienced, mastermind criminals who intend to steal from the Royal Mint of Spain. But, it is not even remotely as simple as it sounds, and the show is not even about just the robbery itself, just like heath ledger’s Joker wasn’t just about crimes. The show has a lot going on apart from the robbery, like important political messages and psychological games being played, and lots of intellectual conflicts. The heist crew members wear Dali masks and are led by a man known as The Professor, the mastermind behind the entire heist.



The actual robbery is surprisingly not only ridden with adventure and suspense but also with lots of emotions. It’s one of those plots where you are constantly in conflict with yourself, deciding who among the police and the criminals are the ‘good guys’, and who are the ‘bad guys’. The show works tricks on your mind like some Christopher Nolan movie, with the plot being loaded with intricate details and unexpected twists throughout the plot. As we said earlier, the show is not only about suspense and adventure, it is also very intellectually stimulating.  It depicts that the hostages are the true villains of the peace.

It shows how vulnerable modern-day police forces are in dealing with anything like this, it happens in the real world. Towards the end, all your expectations of what motivates the crew to do this will be shattered. The show will make you so attached to them that you will cheer for their victories and cry for their losses.



Of course, it’s a tough sell for the global audience to see something in the language they don’t understand, but the global success Money heist has received is a testament to its quality. People are watching it in Spanish with English subtitles to get it as it was made instead of watching it dubbed in English. While at first, you would certainly prefer watching good English show like Wild Wild Country, GLOW, Dark, and Lost in Space, that is easier to watch and understand, but we can guarantee that you won’t be able to resist watching the whole series after watching the first episode of Money Heist.

So, do yourself a favor, take an hour of your TV-watching for the first episode of Money Heist, and decide for yourself whether it should be named among the best crime dramas of our times or not?