Why You Need to Get Into Podcasting

Based on a recent study conducted by Edison Research, around 45 per cent of Americans enjoyed listening to a podcast last month. Aside from this, the research also found that the soaring popularity of this entertainment and information medium continues to increase. If you haven’t listened to a podcast before, you might be missing out on a lot of things. And if you’re online to sell, connect, or educate, you might also consider getting into podcasting as your new medium.

It’s So Easy To Start With Podcasting

Anyone can start a podcast about anything. No matter what your niche is, you can come up with a fresh podcast content anytime you wish. With podcasting, you can keep up with the times, discuss anything, or voice out what’s bothering you. Podcasting is like finally having a voice, and surprisingly, it’s very easy to get into.

Some podcasters would say that all it takes to begin podcasting is just a microphone and headphones. But you need at least a good mic and headphones to improve sound quality; your listeners deserve the best. 

According to the latest review, one of the best podcasting microphones is the Blue Yeti USB Condenser Microphone. This mic is a USB and XLR mic that is the easiest to set up and use. Users say that it is a quality mic for an affordable price. And even if you have little experience with podcasting, this plug and play mic is easy to use because it can play directly to your computer and on any professional analogue equipment. 

Runners up when it comes to ease of use and reasonable price are the Audio-Technica ATR2100 and the Shure SM58-LC Cardioid Dynamic Vocal Mic. All are available online or from local audio speciality shops near you.

When it comes to easy to use, reliable podcast headphones, the Audio Technica ATH-M50X is the best deal in town. This may not be a wireless mic, but it offers maximum input power and excellent listening features. The ATH-M50x is comfortable and lightweight, so it’s easy to wear.

Runners up for the best podcasting headphones include the wireless Bose QuietComfort 35 Series 2 and the ergonomic Sony MDR 7506. These high-quality but affordable headphones are also available online and also from local professional audio equipment shops.  

A reliable audio recording software would be a plus, and of course, a good podcasting platform is a necessity.  Just a few of the best and easy to manage podcast hosting platforms include the simple Buzzsprout, the user-friendly PodBean, and the most familiar SoundCloud. 

With easy to use hardware and seamless, simple software, indeed podcasting is so easy, you can get started in a few hours.

Longer Content With Podcasting 

In this world where short-form content provides most of the content we demand from the web, podcasting allows listeners to get more information, better techniques, and a more in-depth analysis of just about anything. 

Most social media content is limited to only a few hundred words, a small spot on a page, or just a speck of space in a universe of information. With podcasting, you can go deeper by sharing your knowledge and ideas. 

Based on Salesforce survey, around 3% of monthly podcast listeners pay attention to the start of the podcast only, but loyal listeners will listen from start to finish. This could only mean that you have a tremendous opportunity to feature your expertise that other short formats. Podcasting works best if you represent a business or company with a complicated product, or you want to highlight an in-depth review or opinion of any product or service. 

You’ll Help Your Partners As Well

The most common format in podcasting is an interview, and usually, you will be interviewing a guest, an expert, or anyone who wants to share his opinion as well. By doing so, you are partnering with someone and supporting his cause. And unless you want to showcase someone who has conflicting ideas, then you are doing yourself and your guests a favour.  

Create Social Connections With A Podcast

Most of the time, podcasts have unscripted content, or sometimes these are lightly edited, and this allows the personality of the host to shine. You may hear podcast hosts swearing, laughing, and singing even becoming very rowdy with their guests, and this is okay. Podcasting allows them to build connections with their listeners offering them a chance to see, or hear, what they indeed are. Take note that listeners are not just here for content; they want to hear information, the truth, coming from someone they can trust. They want someone who’s transparent that they can easily relate to.

Allows Your Audience To Regularly Hear From You

Creating a weekly podcast is one way to cement your credibility to your listeners. You want to stay connected, consistent, and real. Your audience also wants someone they can listen to and depend on, as well. A podcast connects you to your audience in the most natural way as if you’re there to listen to them as well. 

Regular podcasts also let you cover all kinds of topics, even those that are not within your niche. And by guesting famous, reliable and worthwhile guests, your audience will love to listen to you more and more. 

More Reasons To Get Into Podcasting

Podcasting is fun; if you love talking and sharing your opinions, podcasting lets you have fun as you express your thoughts. It’s fun because you can meet new people whether they agree or disagree with your views. 

Podcasts may be downloaded, sometimes for free. Your listeners can save your podcasts to share or to listen to later. You can add podcasts to your social media pages or on your site. Invite people to listen and gain more followers. 

Starting in podcasting is accessible, entertaining, and rewarding. You’ll find it fun and exciting, especially when you know someone out there is listening to your every word, hanging on to your every idea. It’s never too late to start podcasting, and it all starts with a good topic or idea.