Why TheKunzea Essential Oil Is One Of The Best There Is

The KunzeaAmbigua plant is a relative unknown in the essential oil industry until recently. Its preparation can only be described as one of the most organic processes as it is hand harvested and then steam-distilled to get the oils. Its cultivation is also mostly done by animals “pruning” the leaves and branches and virtually no fertilizers are required. The plant itself has chemicals that naturally drive away insects that may want to eat its leaves. This is in actual keeping with any organic and healthy product.

Composition And Directions for Use

KunzeaAmbigua is always closely compared to the composition of Tea Tree Oil with the exception of the strong smell of tea tree oil. Kunzea oil is mild and often described as “medicinal” in scent. As an essential oil, it is often used for aromatherapy to restore calm and relaxation. As a topical solution, it is used in massages and helps to relieve muscle pains and even rheumatoid arthritis pains of the joints.

Relief for Nervous Tension and Mild Anxiety

When deployed with a diffuser, it infuses the patient with a relaxing woodsy aroma that helps create an uplifting and calming environment. In combination with a gentle massage, this can bring about wonders in uplifting the mood of anyone.

Relief for Muscle Soreness

In its pure essential oil form, Kunzea oil can be combined with aloe vera gel and directly massaged onto tired muscles to provide relief. With its Alpha Pinene content and Eucalyptol, it seems that it was really made to for soothing pain relief.

Soothe Respiratory Conditions

One can apply kunzea oil directly on the chest to relieve respiratory clogging especially when one has colds and suffers from clogged sinuses.

Can be included in Daily Skin Care Routine

When being used as an additive for topical application in daily skin care routine, Kunzea oil has been proven effective to reduce blemishes and control acne breakouts in teenagers. This could be due to the presence of anti-inflammatory and antibacterial compounds in the oil itself according to kunzea oil suppliers australia.

Has Insect Repellent Properties

Kunzea oils have notable insect repellent properties with the level of effectiveness being at par or the same with citronella. This is actually advertised by the fact that animals have been observed to go to the plant to get rid of their parasites. Numerous studies have also proven its effectiveness in repelling mosquitoes.

Highly Compatible With Other Essential Oils

Perhaps one of the most intriguing qualities of Kunzea oil is its ability to be able to be blended into other essential oils to increase its effectiveness and cover a variety of conditions. It is also becoming more and more evident that Kunzea oil is quite effective at providing temporary relief from muscular pain and joint pain. It can be combined with other essential oils like lavender for skin care. Other essentials that have pain relief effects can also be combined with it to multiply the potency. Although more studies are needed, it is very clear that Kunzea oil has proven its place in the essential oil industry.