Why the iBall CompBook Exemplaire is Best for Students

Over the last few years have seen that the price of laptops has reduced drastically. Prices are now lower than they were before.

The rates have decreased so much that the best laptops for college students are currently priced just under Rs.14,000. Yes, you read that absolutely right! iBall CompBook is now the best laptop for college students with a Windows 10 license. Hence, it has become possible for a section of people to practically owning a laptop that they always dreamed about.

Even the sales number show that there are millions of units sold for laptops that are priced under Rs.10,000 and 15,000 in India.

Now, buyers such as students and people without extensive computing needs don’t need to spend a fortune on buying laptops.  

If you are a student who wanted to own a laptop for basic needs, then you can rely on the iBall CompBook for delivering a fine performance. Let’s enlist aspects about the iBall CompBook notebook that will convince you that it’s the best bet for students.

iBall CompBook Exemplaire look and feel

Considering the price that you need to shell for buying this iBall laptop, there is not much that you can complain about. The iBall CompBook Exemplaire priced at only Rs.13,500 is an ultra-thin and could give several premium notebooks a run for their money on this factor. It does not look that it’s inexpensive and have rough edges.

The overall shape of the wedge is similar to what you may have seen in Asus UX305 and others and even the RDP ThinBook.

You can find a stylized ‘K’ logo on the lid’s centre and the iBall logo in one corner. The laptop also offers a DC power inlet, microSD Card slot and a 3.5 mm audio jack. It also packs a punch with a USB 2.0 and a Mini-HDMI video output and even a second USB port. The speakers are on the bottom, and it’s because of the Atom processor that powers this laptop and does not need a fan.

iBall CompBook Exemplaire specs

The iBall CompBook Exemplaire sports 2GB RAM and only 32GB of local storage. It does not come with the conventional SSD, but more like a permanent SD Card. You will only be able to use around 21.5GB when you power on the laptop for the first time. You can leave a microSD Card in the laptop just like you keep it in your smartphone. The support can go to a maximum of only up to 64GB. An average user such as a student won’t find it an issue if you consider the price of the notebook.

iBall CompBook Exemplaire performance   

While the minus point is surely the storage capacity, it will work fine for average users. If you have requirements like using the MS-Office, web browsing, and a bit of YouTube video streaming, then this laptop is for you.

Overall, the performance is just average, and that’s what is expected out of an ultra-budget notebook like these. They are made to work fine for a set of customers like students and more and serve the purpose fine.

When it comes to the battery life of the iBall CompBook Exemplaire, you can carry on with your task on it for almost an entire day. If you use it for light web browsing and small tasks, then only it will survive that much.

Should a student opt for the iBall CompBook Exemplaire?

iBall is one of the few companies that is taking low-cost parts and putting them into a body. The iBall CompBook Exemplaire is like a tablet that has been fit in the shape of a laptop. But, the winning point is that it works and is a better working machine than you would see in the offered price segment.

Devices like iBall CompBook Exemplaire may be fit for students who would not like to spend too much on buying a notebook. This iBall laptop can surely improve the penetration of PC and computer literacy around India and across.

You can now buy the iBall CompBook Exemplaire quickly by spreading its cost over a suitable tenor and paying only fixed EMIs. The facility is available in India on the Bajaj Finserv EMI Network