Why should you spend a moment to get Instagram verified?

What is there for you with the verified Instagram account having the verified account, the following increases as the followers know that the account is real and they can follow you.

To keep the authenticity of the feature to keep this alive the users who can get the Instagram verification batch are limited. Nobody can tell you how long will it take for you to get a verification badge and there are no sureties in the process.

The verification, unlike other complaints, this is not heard by the customer service provider team of the social networking site but it depends on the highest authority. The team makes sure if you are an eligible candidate to get verified on Instagram.

What are the guidelines that I should follow?

There are certain community guidelines and service. For the eligibility process to start your account must have complete the following-

As it is to give your account the authenticity that your account deserves, you are the exact person that you are saying you are being it a brand, real person or a registered business brand.

Your account should be unique, with many accounts come zero assurance of getting verified, originality is the rule that you have to follow here and in almost every phase in your life.

The memes are quite famous these days and people are willing to get their meme accounts verified but hey! That’s not possible right, it’s a meme account not a brand, celebrity account and the policy of Instagram you can’t get your meme accounts verified.

Your bio of the account which you want to be verified must be complete with your phone number with the verification which is done by sending an OTP on your number accounts the column follows by pressing verify option, email address verification and it is to mention that it is strictly not allowed to have any add me written on your account’s bio.

The Instagram sure to make a  conformation check to verify that you are truly a celebrity or popular brand, for that they go through many processes which include going through the news and the places where you got featured. You can’t trick the third largest and going all strong over these many years with a commitment of best service. The paid promotions to get yourself featured will never work to get you a badge.

Before starting the process of registration for the badge, you might feel the need to follow the guidelines and bypass rejection, the chances of getting verified account increases with you following the guidelines simply. These rules are quite simple to follow and after following these steps you might be able to keep your account under the list of considerations.

Instagram verification is for stars and it can make you a bigger star once the process is completed.  Grow your social status with the verified badge.