Why It’s Important to Plant Trees Now More Than Ever

We are all witnesses to the slow death of the planet. Centuries of abuse – denuding forests, depleting natural resources, creating things that harm the environment – are now upon us, and we must act fast if we want to leave a healthy planet to our future generations. It’s a good thing there are ways that we can now save the planet, such as recycling, switching to energy-efficient appliances, using active living walls wherever possible and many more options. If we continue with our ethical practices, the time will come that our planet will become more sustainable for the future.

There will be more natural resources to use in the future

We cannot deny the fact that trees are one of the most, if not the most, in-demand natural resources. If we plant more trees for use as raw materials, then we don’t have to cut down those that are for fresh and clean air. Trees will always be valuable raw materials, and if we acknowledge this fact and plant them for this specific use, then there will be no need to cut down forests for the benefit of man.

Trees help increase the animal population

Many animals rely on trees to survive. They use them as shelters, the leaves and fruits as their food, etc. We already know that denuded forests don’t just lose the trees; they also lose the wildlife. More trees mean there are more natural habitats and food for animals. The ecosystem will still be balanced.

Clean air is a must

We cannot live on bottled air. We must get it from nature. But if there are no trees, then there will be no clean and fresh air to breathe. We will eventually die if this becomes the worst-case scenario. Trees inhale the carbon dioxide that humans give off, as well as the dirty air from cars, exhausts, factories, etc. In turn, the trees exhale oxygen, the air that we breathe in order to live. Millions of people all over the world get sick and die because of dirty air. Trees also reduce the heat that the atmosphere gives off. You will notice that in areas where there are more trees than concrete, everything is cool. Stand on the pavement with no trees in sight, and you will start to feel as if you are burning. But stand under the shade of a tree, and you can be in that position for a long time without feeling like you are melting from the heat.

So when is the best time to plant trees? Any time is an excellent time to plant trees, as long as the weather does not wash away tree seedlings. It is also important to involve the younger generation in planting trees. Why? Because they will be the ones who will inherit our planet, and the younger they are when they understand the importance of taking care of the environment, the better the chance for the planet to flourish in the hands of responsible citizens.