Why is Dubai Aquarium Voted Best in the World?

Dubai has never failed to amaze its visitors. With a handful of exciting attractions, the place will leave you WOW! From natural attractions to human-made beauties, there is nothing you should miss out on. Amid these visiting spots, one is Dubai aquarium and underwater zoo, an aquatic world. Owned and managed by Emaar entertainments, the aquarium is voted best in the world. There are numerous reasons to prove why this place is top-ranked, and we are here to discuss these points in detail. Are you excited to know what these points could be? Let us jump in!

Exceptional Features of Dubai aquarium and underwater zoo:

Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo is home to many oceanic creatures, including more than 140 species. More than 400 Sharks and Rays live in this 10 million liter water tank, including Sand Tiger Sharks, Giant Groupers, and a large group of other marine species. A progression of painstakingly planned encounters will allow the visitors to encounter the giant marine occupants for memorable moments with loved ones. The place is a combination of fun and learning activities, with some brilliant architecture plannings. We are going to walk through each one of these activities. Let us begin!

1. Exciting Experiences:

Although the fun cannot be reflected in words, we will try to excite you about this amazing place as much as we can. There are numerous encounters – thrilling yet exciting – you can go through. The name is “Animal Encounters.” Sounds exciting! It is, of course on the special activities you will ever experience in your life. Let us look into it one by one.

a) Animal Encounters:

The aquarium has deliberately planned a progression of animal encounters and jumping activities for the visitors. From meeting the Small-Clawed Asian Otters to offering the water to the Sharks and Rays, the experiences will leave you WOW! You can make moments with your loved ones and family members that you can remember for a lifetime. Do you want to see all the encounters on a list? Well, here it is:

  • King Croc Encounter
  • Penguin Encounter
  • Otter Encounter
  • Shark trainer Encounter
  • Presentation and Feeding
  • Ray Encounter

The activities and encounters are planned so well that the place and the management have won numerous awards. And that is the reason why this aquarium is voted best worldwide. Do these activities and encounters excite you? Great! Grab your Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo tickets today and pay a visit with your family!

b) Diving Experiences:

Another feature of this underwater zoo is that you can have a ride with these aquatic giants. Have you ever thought of a dive with a shark? You might have seen it in the movies, but here at the zoo, you can experience it. Some of the activities are listed in the coming lines:

  • Diving with sharks
  • Cage Experience
  • Glass bottom boat ride
  • Cage snorkeling

2. Education at Aquarium:

The place is not only home to fun activities but you, as a visitor, can learn a lot. Education at Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo incorporates assorted projects for school, visitor, and local area training. The Ocean School Education Program is committed to public and tuition-based schools all through the UAE and covers a wide scope of age groups and study subjects. The management at the aquarium instructs the visitors about the water habitats and their behavior. Moreover, they tend to aware of conservation concepts and inculcate marine love in kids. Isn’t it a great combination of fun and learning? Of course, it is!

3. Different Ecological Zones:

Another aspect that will take your breath is that the Dubai aquarium maintains three different ecological zones simultaneously. Since the aquarium and underwater zoo is home to species of different kinds and habitant, it is important to keep a dynamic environment to allow these species to survive. The three ecological zones you will find inside the aquarium are Rainforest, Rocky shore, and the Living ocean. Another feature of the Underwater Zoo is its shows devoted to dreadful little creatures classified into Insect Wall, Wall Mounted Glass Exhibits, Iguana Enclosure, Burmese Python, and Tree Snake Enclosure.

4. Fun for little aquarists:

There is a bunch of projects only intended to engage and teach children of various age groups. The prominent of these activities is the Junior Aquarist Program, intended for children between five and seven. Another project is the Senior Aquarist Program which educates and entertains kids above eight. Book your tickets and take your children with you!

Take an exciting tour of the underwater zoo with your family and friends!

Dubai has numerous captivating visit spots where you can capture memorable moments with your family. One of these destinations is the Dubai aquarium which will take your breath away. Book your tickets and pay a visit to see what’s in the box for you!