Why a particular Business needs Amazon feedback software?

 Nowadays, it is very much important for the businesses to have the best Amazon feedback software so that they can satisfy the consumers very well. Most of the consumers that purchase on the Amazon never leave the feedback, and approximately 1 out of 20 customers leave the feedback. So, to increase the chances of getting feedback, the companies are automating the whole procedures with implementation of Amazon feedback software.

 Buyers on the Amazon usually leave two types of feedback which are the seller reviews that how a particular buyer feels about the transaction and the product reviews which means what is the opinion of the buyer on the quality of the product which they have received. The feedback on Amazon is called as five stars for excellent, four stars for good, three stars for fair, two stars for poor and one star for awful. Most of the consumers are not aware that three-star rating will actually count against the business and will bring the seller rating down. Without knowing any of the ratings, the consumers think that three stars are average, but it is considered to be fair negative. Buyers are also asked about several kinds of yes/no questions on the date of delivery about the item description and the consumer service provided by the particular company.

 Why does the feedback matters?

 The feedback in the world of e-commerce matters for mainly two reasons on the marketplace:  

 For the very first reason, the Amazon will use it to decide which of the sellers have to be provided with the award of buy box depending on the rating.

 Secondly, the consumers will always compare the seller feedback scores before deciding about any of the purchase decision. In case two sellers are selling the same product at the very same price, then the consumer will go with that particular seller who has a better feedback score. Buyers always go with the option of conducting a quick scan of the seller profiles so that they always get excited consumer expectations, and there is least negative feedback.

 More than 80% of consumers go with the option of online reviews as they go with personal recommendations. So, the word seller feedback has a great amount of relevance in the world of e-commerce. The more product reviews any of the sellers get on Amazon better will be the product visibility. So, the increase in the number of positive sale feedback will always help the individuals to get noticed and widen the consumer base very well. Amazon also has come up with several kinds of bans on sellers who requested reviews in exchange for opening the incentivized free or discounted products. Such sellers are against the terms and conditions of the company, and such sellers always stand suspended from the end of Amazon.

 What are the things which a Feedback email should contain in it?

 Most of the time companies are going with the option of creating the emails. Following are the things which must be there in a feedback request email:

 -A link to the product which has been purchased

 -Some of the open-ended questions, for example, how you found the product

 – Reminding the buyer’s customer satisfaction is always important

 – Giving the customers proper contact details so that all the issues can be addressed very easily and there are least chances of consumers leaving the negative feedback

 -Including a direct link for the honest feedback

 – The companies must always make sure that there is no spelling or grammatical mistake and for this option they can go with several kinds of software is which include spelling check all grammatical mistake steak or can also hire professionals to check these kinds of matter.

 At the time of sending such feedback based mails, the individuals and sellers should include two types of links. The first link should be, everything was great, and it should link to the review page of the product. The second link should be titled whether we did not meet expectations, and it should encourage the customers to send a message that will be helpful for the company to improve their products and services.

 In case the delivery is late, then consumers should always go with the option of sending an email request. Amazon feedback software will always allow the companies to automate the feedback management process and for this, they can set several kinds of rules to ask for feedback at a certain time of day or after a specific number of days after the delivery has been made. In this way, the software will also be able to blacklist the seller reviews, which are less than three or two stars. With the help of automating the feedback selection procedure, the companies will be highly confident about the increase in the percentage of consumers leaving the feedback. Most of the negative feedback is the result of the issues with product or service, and the following are some of the common reasons why consumers leave negative feedback:

 – Inaccurate feedback

 -Quality of the product

 -Product received is not the same which was described

 -The messy or complicated return process

 -Late shipments

 -The item is out of stock  

 Following are some of the ways to generate great reviews on the Amazon:

 -The company should always focus on providing the best consumer experience because the best experience will always lead to great reviews

 -The company should also make sure to include thank you notes in the packages which will also help to come out with honest reviews which will be highly helpful for the company

 -Sending a follow-up review should be a constant practice of the company so that negative feedback is minimized

 -The company should never go with the option of buying fake reviews because Amazon can very easily determine the fake reviews and will be penalizing the sellers who are undertaking this kind of services 

 Hence, the implementation of Amazon review manager helps the companies to have improved seller metrics which will provide them with higher sales and increased profits in the coming years, and the consumers will also be highly satisfied.