Which Works Out To Be The Best Water Purifier For Your Home?

The process of reverse osmosis removes contaminants from water. This procedure is completely different from pure osmosis procedure. Osmosis is the flow of water from lower to higher levels via a semi-permeable membrane. Out of the best water purifier for home, Kent RO tops the list. By using this purifier you retain 50 % of water and the discarded water you store in another container. Whereas in the case of other water purifiers it is around 20 % of rejected water. Of late advanced models of Kent have emerged in the market that incorporates UV, RO, TDS, UV controller.

If you drink polluted water it can become a source of various contaminants like diarrhea, cholera etc. Kent water purifier goes on to remove suspended and dissolved particles in water which includes microorganism.

Why install a water purifier at your home in the first place?

Various stages of water purification

Any water purifier goes through multiple stages of confinement. A standard protocol would be to treated contaminated water and remove harmful impurities or chemicals present in them. But with an advanced water purifier a couple of more stages like mineralization along with enhancement of taste also seem to be important.

Eradicates toxins

With a water purifier treatment of hard water is undertaken and removes toxin chemicals or substances from water. Presence of toxins can cause illness in human body.

Improves taste of water

If impurities are present in water it can create havoc with taste of food. If water smells the taste of food can  be destroyed. With RO water purification system in place any scent of water can be eradicated. For cooking point of water a RO purification system is beneficial.

The features that you can expect from a Kent water purifier

Purification technique is advanced

In a Kent RO system you rely on advanced method of purification and water provided is 100 % safe to be used for drinking purposes.

Saves water

When you rely on the use of other technologies, it can lead to water crises as 70 % of water is wasted. Any wastage of water could pose to be significant hazard. With Kent Ro water purifier you can save 50 % of water and this can be put to use for various purposes.

Storage capacity

They are available in various storage capacity but around 8 litres of capacity would be deemed fit for a standard household. For a medium sized family it would suffice.

Popular types of water purifiers


Here a combination of double technology is put to use mainly UV radiation along with reverse osmosis


To remove contaminants in water the technique of UV radiation is put to use

To conclude various models of Kent water purifiers are available that provides you with door service. They provide timely complaint resolution and on the lookout for providing customers with a superior customer service.