What topics should you cover in your medicine personal statement?

Medicine personal statement:

A medicine personal statement is a composition of words written by the candidate and assessed by the medical schools to acknowledge if you are a good candidate to get into medicine. It is one of the major requirements that may affect your admission as it includes a summary of your personality in writing so, make sure it is as unique and engaging as possible.

A medicine personal statement helps the medical university/medical college to examine you in various aspects of becoming a doctor which includes teamwork skills, commitment, and great communication.  

Kindly note that the universities use your medicine personal statement at different stages of your admission process. However, some universities like Brighton and Sussex may not use it at all for your admission.

How to draft a medicine personal statement?

As we have already accomplished that a medicine personal statement as a great significance in your aspiration of getting into medical school, you should make sure that it is a well-drafted and engaging enough to get your application considered.

Make sure that all the attributes that you cover in your medicine personal statement are clear and logical.

Here are some points and topics that you should cover to make your medicine personal statement desirable and attractive:

  • Inspiration: what inspired you to study medicine and not any other field?

This is the part where you have a chance to attract the reader’s attention. For anything that you do, there is always a reason and it does create a great impact when you use strong words to express your feelings.

Describe what inspired you to become a doctor and what motivates you to not give up and keep going.  

  • Research: what extra have you done or explored or researched about medicine other than books?

It is very important to depict a personality which it’s unique and different from others. Therefore, do not forget to mention about the topics that you have explored other than that of the books. This is what makes you different from others because not everybody does anything extra than the necessary.

Mention about research and what about it interested you in brief.

In case you have not done any extra study or research it’s not too late. It’s never too late. You can refer to medicine interview books to add to your knowledge. There are plenty of medicine interview books. They will not only help you in making your medicine personal statement impressive but also for the interview with the medical university.

Some of the medicine interview books that you can read are:

Medical ethics by Tony Hope, Bad Science by Ben Goldacre, Trust me I’m a (junior) doctor by Max Pemberton, etc.

  • Conclusion:

This is the part where you have to sell yourself. Here, you must not forget to mention each aspect that you think makes you a great candidate.

This part must include your extra-curricular talents, achievements, etc. and why you think you are a suitable candidate for the program.

Points to remember while structuring the medical personal statement:

  • Make sure you do not exceed more than 500 words in your medicine personal statement.
  • Do not hover around a topic. Make clear and logical statements.
  • Use strong words.