What to look for in a good DTH recharge plan

We list the factors to check when buying a good DTH recharge plan.

As a cable TV user, you are by now quite fed up of poor transmission quality, and even poorer customer service. You are saddled with a clutch of channels – most of which you never watch – and you are paying a large amount of monthly fees to get poor picture and sound quality, and a bunch of channels you never even glance at.

It’s time for you to switch to a DTH connection. DTH captures TV channels via a dish antenna, and offers superior picture quality and clear sound output. Besides, you have the freedom to watch only those channels that you prefer. So you pay only for what you watch!

Now that your interest in DTH packs and D2H recharge plans is piqued, we list the factor to check when you buy a DTH connection:

* A variety of channel packs. Every DTH provider different types of channel packs or ‘bundles’. The more packs there are, the more choice you get in terms of finding exactly what you are looking for. Leading providers also offer a fair amount of customisation on their packs, in that you can modify the pack to include certain channels and exclude others. Browse through genres like news, infotainment, GEC, films, fashion, lifestyle, devotion, kids, culinary, etc. Look for both SD and HD channels in the pack you choose.

* The pack cost.Though the provider will assure you that their packs are competitively priced, do conduct your research across different providers. The pack cost should be justified vis-à-vis a variety of factors: number of channels, monthly rental, hardware and installation costs, etc. Check if the provider has D2H recharge plans that let you modify the pack online, or if there is a limited period discount on the set top box or waiver of installation charges.

* Purchase and recharge possible online? The D2H recharge plan must be completely operational online in just a few steps. It should be possible to book the connection online, and also recharge it in a few steps online using the provider’s website or smartphone app. The provider must also offer many online payment options (net banking, credit/debit cards/mobile wallet/UPI apps) for you to choose from.

* The installation process.This is often an overlooked factor when consider a new D2H recharge plan. The installation process must be quick and as unobtrusive as possible. The household should not be disturbed by the installation team walking all over the house, laying wires everywhere and creating a tripping hazard, and involving the customer in every stage of the fitting. Once the best spot to fix the dish antenna is determined, the team must fit the equipment as quickly as possible. After fitting it, the team explains how to find channels, how to use the same remote control for both the TV and set top box, and how to recharge the connection.