What should you do for your new car? Is a second-hand option sensible?

Do you think that you need a car? Do you feel that you do not have enough money to afford a car? Well, you know what many people these days are going for the option of second-hand cars. Yes, you have no clue how amazingly this market of second car is blooming.

The point is more and more people want to drive and ride in a luxurious car. But they cannot afford to own a brand new one and hence they go for the option of second-hand cars. You can easily buy old car in Dubai to ensure that you are an owner of a car. After all, when you can get a good car that is absolutely flawless and is available at a much lower rate; you should not go for brand new cars.

Moreover, if you are in the UAE, remember that it is transitional for many of you and investing in a brand-new vehicle may not be economical. Buying a second-hand car is a wonderful option for residents and there are many vehicles at all cost ranges, ages and even that of conditions available in the market. Choosing and paying for the correct one, however, is where many falter.  Following are a few points that you must consider before you purchase a second-hand car.

Shortlist brands or models

Many of you already know which brand or manufacturer you do prefer in vehicles. It is smart to shortlist three or two brands, or even varied models in the same brand, at the onset of this process. This decision can be grounded on price, possible resale value, maintenance and even that of service costs, passenger numbers and different factors.

Look for a reputed used car dealer or website

Though there are dozens of dealers out in the market, credibility and responsible vending is what you must be going for. You might go for ‘brick and mortar’ multi-brand car dealers for luxury models – these could also offer attractive service packages post-purchase.  Similarly, you can also make use of the credible websites that can help you compare cost and brands, and speak with owners directly to negotiate on price – that you cannot do with resellers.

RTA checks and the tests

Okay since you have found your favourite car or shortlisted a couple of cars- the next step is to make sure that the car is in top working situation. Not all of you are great with motor information and fact checks. Ask for an RTA passing guarantee and that is based on a series of checks and tests to be performed by RTA-approved testing centres. You know these are the tests that ensure that the vehicle is road-worthy and free from any type of legal hassles. The certificate is valid for thirty days only from date of issue, so you might be sure that it’s a recent check.


Thus, you can go for the best old cars to buy in Dubai and make sure that you own a car that is amazing, within your budget and makes traveling easy for you.