A luxurious and contemporary living space is what everyone wants for their loving family or retired couples looking for a peaceful retreat to spend their days ahead together. However, finding that perfect place for your peace of mind is not always the easiest. With abundance of beautiful places and hallmark spots located here in Dubai, you can always find what you need in this bustling city filled with life and activities to do! And where else would a place befitting the charm and glam of this glorious city be if not in Meraas Central Park at City Walk?

Meraas Central Park at City Walk is an upcoming residential complex offering stylish interior spaces, modern structural designs and a lush green environment for an unparalleled living experience in Dubai.

Having an established name in the property development industry, Meraas has achieved successes in the form of commercial complexes such as City Walk apartments Dubai itself, and the famous Jumeria Bay!

With an estimated handover year of 2021, this new development project is sure to liven up the already exciting atmosphere of City Walk within the next few years.

Central Park by Meraas will be looking to offer the best for every type of individual looking to explore the best places in City Walk. Notwithstanding that, its strategic location ensures convenient travelling to iconic hotspots like the Burj Khalifa and Dubai Mall.

Within a 10-minute drive, you are sure to reach the popular Burj Al-Arab and Jumeira Beach too!

Having been located in the centre of Dubai, you are sure to be encompassed with plenty of shopping galleries, public eateries as well as other general services that you may need.

This new residential project by Meraas will open units for single working individuals to large families looking to reside in the city.

Starting with sleek 1-bed housings, professionals can opt to stay in Central Park in order to stay close to working areas while also being accessible to the numerous public amenities and transportations. Besides that, 2-bedroom and 3-bedroom alternatives are also being offered to provide that extra spacious living and more room for social and family interactions. For the elites, Central Park also prepares residential suites with 4 bedrooms and various furnishing options available to satisfy that modern lifestyle in Dubai.

With all these features available at your doorstep, Central Park in City Walk is primed to be your preferred choice to stay in Dubai. Taking in its lush green environment situated in the middle of the city, you are guaranteed to experience the best of today’s sleek and upscale lifestyle while also feeling close to nature at all times. Upon nearing its completion date, you are certain to get your money’s worth by choosing Central Park by Meraas as your ideal living space.