What is the Benefits of Professional Certifications?

Yearning for a career in HR? Contemplating the ways to enter the human resources with the utmost ease? Analyzing the pros and cons of going for a professional certification program to have a smooth entry into this competitive area of work? This article will help you get clarity on how to achieve your career goals by explaining the benefits of HR certification and how essential it is to become a certified HR professional in today’s cut-throat, fast-paced business world.

It has been proven by a multitude of studies that HR Certifications can really fast track your career growth in the Human Resources domain. According to a survey conducted by the HR Certification Institute – Value of Certification, 1 out of 2 recruiters prefer hiring a certified HR professional rather than a non-certified one.

Moreover, an estimation by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics says that by the year 2024, there will be an enhancement in the demand for HR professionals by around 9%. So it is needless to say that owning the best HR certification will enable you to look brighter than your competition.

The progressing field of HR

For professionals wanting to become a part of the HR space, the good news is that this discipline is evolving with time. The duties of an HR practitioner are not just limited to administration related tasks. Though, they are still required to carry out functions like candidate screening and provide answers to the questions of staff members, their role as expanded which means that now, they are also expected to construct important policies, get involved into planning and become a helping hand to the senior executives when it comes to guiding the firm into a lucrative direction.

The Career Benefits of HR Certification

In your journey of building a solid career in the HR realm, earning one of the best professional certifications make a huge difference in a positive manner. Employers do not think twice before considering you as an esteemed and competent candidate and hence, they consider you for high-level roles in no time.

Becoming a valuable part of the HR realm is more convenient when you have an HR certification on your resume since it proves you to be an expert of this area of work and enables you to stand out from the rest of the crowd. Here is a list of reasons why one must earn the best professional certification:

•    Recruiters give preference to candidates holding relevant HR certifications when making a hiring decision.

•    Business colleagues have more faith in certified professionals than non-certified ones.

•    Organizations attain a competitive advantage by hiring professionals carrying pertinent certifications.

•    Professionals who gain certifications are more knowledgeable as well as motivated than their peers who are not certified.

•    It is also believed that certified professionals can make a positive impact on the financial performance of a firm.

Benefits of HR Certification

An HR certification can be seen as a commitment that exhibits your enthusiasm for achieving success to the employer along with colleagues.

•    A well-reputed HR certification enables you to stand out from others.

•    Helps in enhancing a person’s professional satisfaction as well as confidence.

•   Enhances one’s earning potential.

•    Makes an organization to perceive you more encouraged.

•    Upgrades your career expansion opportunities in your organization.

•    Makes one a better professional who is better suited for senior positions in your organization.

•    Strengthens the resume.

•    Enables you to play the HR role more efficaciously.