What is the Average cost of bone marrow transplant in India?

A Bone marrow transplant is an expensive operation that can go up to 20- 35 lacs depending on the state and facilities private hospital in India. However, government hospitals offer the same procedure in about 40% less cost. Therefore, in the states like Rajasthan and Haryana the entire operation can be performed at a cost as low as 7-10 lac rupees. However, before going for one, have complete knowledge about it. Read on for further important knowledge about a Bone Marrow Transplant in detail:


A bone marrow transplant is a medicinal methodology performed to replace bone marrow that has been harmed or devastated by disease, contamination, or chemotherapy. This methodology includes transplanting blood immature microorganisms, which go deep down marrow where they create fresh recruits cells and advance development of new marrow.

Bone marrow is the springy, greasy tissue inside your bones. It makes the accompanying parts of the blood that include:

Red platelets, which convey oxygen and supplements all through the body

White platelets, which battle disease

Platelets, which are in charge of the arrangement of clusters

A bone marrow transplant replaces your harmed undifferentiated cells with sound cells. This enables your body to make enough white platelets, platelets, or red platelets to maintain a strategic distance from contaminations, draining clutters, or pallor. Solid undifferentiated organisms can originate from a contributor, or they can originate from your own particular body. In such cases, undifferentiated organisms can be reaped, or developed, before you begin chemotherapy or radiation treatment. Those sound cells are then put away and utilized as a part of transplantation.


Bone marrow transplants are performed when a man’s marrow isn’t sufficiently solid to work appropriately. This could be because of constant contaminations, malady, or disease medicines. A few purposes behind a bone marrow transplant include:

A plastic pallor, which is a confusion in which the marrow quits making fresh recruits cells

Tumors that influence the marrow, for example, leukemia, lymphoma, and numerous myeloma.

harmed bone marrow because of chemotherapy

innate neutropenia, which is an acquired issue that causes repeating diseases

sickle cell sickliness, which is an acquired blood issue that causes deformed red platelets

thalassemia, which is an acquired blood issue where the body makes an unusual type of hemoglobin, a basic piece of red platelets.


At the point when your specialist supposes you’re prepared, you’ll have the transplant. The technique is like a blood transfusion.

In case you’re allergic, the bone marrow cells will be collected from your benefactor. In case your own particular cells are being utilized, they’ll be recovered from the step cells bank.

Cells can be gathered from the two hipbones through a needle. You’re under anaesthesia for this method, which means you’ll be sleeping and free of any torment.