What is Ecommerce?

Ecommerce actually is the short term of Electronic Commerce which is the process or activity of electronically buying or selling products on online services or over the internet.

In other words, Ecommerce is something you ordered by staying in your home and after a few times, you will get what you ordered. Every time you buy or sell any product or service online, you are engaging with Ecommerce. So, Ecommerce business allows people to do business without the constraint of distance and time. 

Types of Ecommerce business

There are various types of Ecommerce business options available based on preferences, capital and online business model. According to business techniques and strategies Ecommerce business has some difference such as-

  • Business to business: when a business sells goods or service to another business.
  • Business to consumer: when a business sells goods or service to an individual consumer.
  • Consumer to consumer: when a consumer sells goods or service to another consumer.
  • Consumer to business: when a consumer sells products or services to a business or organization.
  • Affiliate marketing business
  • Google AdWords marketing
  • Online auction selling
  • Web marketing

Ecommerce business strategy: How to start Ecommerce business

It is true that people are connecting more than offline physical related shopping to an online deal. Think about real life business starting process, you may need a shop or a place to place your business at first, then you need to make decorations to attract customers, you may need some servant if you have a large shop because you can’t handle that kind of large shop in a hand.

On the other hand, just think about Ecommerce business, there is no need neither shop nor decoration cost and servant. You can start an online business just staying in your home. All you just need to do is to gather products which you want to sell then take photography of them and upload them on your Ecommerce website platform.

That’s why the future of Ecommerce business is incredibly bright. The first Ecommerce transaction was made in 1994. A guy named Phil Branden Berger used his master card to buy Stings ten summoner’s tales via the internet for 12.48$ and this incident made history and signaled to the world that the internet is open for Ecommerce transactions. 

Did you know that the Ecommerce market is expected to reach US 200$ billion by 2026? Are you thinking about starting a business where you sell your products on an online platform? What do you think is an easy process? Though it is not so easy or not so tough but you have a huge patience to make your place on an online platform. Let’s take a deeper look about this, what you need to do when you want to start an eCommerce business online?

Research Ecommerce business models

Research is an essential task before starting an Ecommerce business. As previously said, the ecommerce business is enlarging day by day. so, there must be other competitors who work hard to make a place here. It will take some time for you to make a permanent place, but don’t lose hope. You may hear the quotes that “failure is the pillar of success”. Good research keeps you one step ahead from your competitors. Then how can you make that?

  • Research your competition
  • Writing your business plan
  • Check all those Ecommerce business models

Start Ecommerce niche research

Sometimes people fail to decide about an ecommerce niche and they spend a lot of their valuable time on this issue. Unless you have a massive budget, you can’t be the next Best buy or Amazon. You have to niche down to run a profitable ecommerce store. Although choosing a perfect niche is the most important step in opening an ecommerce business. By the way, having a deep understanding of your niche helps you produce products and experiences that delight your target audiences. Here I am mentioning some of workable ecommerce niches, hope it will benefit you a lot.

  • Private label natural skincare products for women.
  • Sell handmade treats for pet owners.
  • Wholesale baby toiletries for eco-friendly parents.
  • Print on demand lifestyle apparel.
  • Launch a beauty subscription box for women.
  • Rent high end fashion to budget minded fashionistas.
  • Deliver organic food on demand to clean eating enthusiasts.
  • Handmade jewelry for women.

What to sell online

You should select your product carefully because this is your business and you have a wish to go through it. products are the life of your business, before spending any money buying products you should need to scope out your competitors, suppliers and manufacturers. Keep a mix of low, medium and high price products to ensure your daily average selling. Here are some hints that you can follow before buying products for your online shop-

  • Electronic gadgets
  • Bluetooth speakers
  • Vape/ E-cigarettes
  • Drones and accessories
  • Selling subscription boxes online
  • Online food delivery
  • Sell denim
  • LED lighting
  • Sell shapewear
  • Mobile phone accessories
  • Girls accessories
  • Watches
  • Beauty/hair products
  • Baby clothes
  • Party supplies

Register your Ecommerce business and brand name

If you want to become a successful entrepreneur online then you must need to have a brand that shows your personality. You must have a brand name with legal registration because there are legal protections and tax benefits for incorporating, so don’t skip it. pick a unique and attractive name for your business, get your business license as well as employer identification number. These will make a strong place for you.

Create a unique logo

Logo is a branding material and it is essential for business whatever it is online or offline. You must have a unique logo to build your brand identity and to make people know yourself. Making a logo for your business is now so easy, you just find a logo design expert to meet your desire.

Understanding search engine optimization

Search engine optimization or SEO you might be familiar with the abbreviation when you make a decision to do business on an online platform. However, before you jump into it, you should understand the basics of search engine optimization so you can properly structure your site and pages for google and other search engines.

Choosing your sales channels

There are so many platforms out to make an easy online shopping process like Amazon, eBay, Best Buy and so on. If you want to get new customers engagement then you should make deals with as many different channels as you can. As you build your site, keep this connection between the user experience and search optimization top of mind.

work with your product image

Do you ever visit Amazon or other online business platforms? did you notice that all of the product image contains a visual white background in it? why? because white background focuses the product in the first view and makes a way to impress its viewer. but when you are taking a picture with your camera, you might have to create a colorful background or you come with clipping path services to make a white background in your picture. you might also have to do many other photo editing processes to make your product image attractive and eye-catching.

From the above discussion, it is clear that doing business on an online platform is not so easy as it sounds. Sometimes it will take too much time to get the first customer in your store. But you would go with patience if you want to be successful. Analyze more and more before starting a business online, also make a social media marketing strategy to get better results. You can also offer bloggers in your niche a free sample of your product in exchange for reviews. Keeping an option of getting feedback from your consumers is the best way to gain consumers’ respect and confidence. It also builds a visual connection between you and your consumers.