What are the Tips to Score Well in Class 8 Maths?

Class 8 is that phase in a student’s life where they wonder a lot and are curious to know more about subjects. Most of the students will be confused about whether they should take Class 8 seriously or not. Class 8 is an important phase where one needs to decide about the career they would like to take in the future. This will be a cornerstone for class 11 and 12, which will ultimately decide your career path. Hence you should take Class 8 seriously. The further years will be a clear reflection of how well a student had paid attention and prepared themselves in Class 8.

Subjects like Science, Maths and Social Science need to be more concentrated on as they are the major subjects. Since Science and Social Science, both subjects are theoretical, students somehow manage scoring well in them by following some strategies. Maths is a troublesome subject for most of the students. If you are someone who is struggling to score well in Maths, this article will help you as we have listed down the strategies to score well in Maths.

Prepare your notes.

It is always recommended that students prepare their notes as it is one of the most effective ways of studying. When you take down notes, you tend to concentrate more. Hence, prepare your detailed notes for every chapter, where you include exercises of NCERT books. You can just search for the solutions of any particular chapter online and you will be able to find it. For instance, you can just search for Vedantu NCERT solutions for class 8 maths and you will be able to find the solutions. Make use of the technology that is freely available for many of you and maintain detailed notes which will help you in the time of revision.

Clear your doubts.

You will encounter doubts while you are studying or when you are solving problems. Take the help of your teachers, seniors or friends in this kind of situation. Do not procrastinate or keep it to the last moment. It is for your good that you must sooner you resolve your doubts. If you neglect it, you may find yourself in a place where you are struggling to move ahead to other chapters. Make use of technology, watch tutorials about the concept you are not so sure about. Ed-Tech companies like Vedantu have a doubt-solving app that helps the students to move ahead in their studies without staying stuck.

Solve previous year question papers.

You will not know the level of your preparation until you solve any previous year question papers. Solve n number of papers so that you will know your weak areas and can start working towards them. Also, make sure that you do not compromise on accuracy and speed. You must be able to attempt all the questions within a given time and hence you must practice more to increase your speed. Keep a timer if necessary and solve a minimum of six years previous year question papers.

Also, you should know the theorems, derivations and the formulas thoroughly. It is important that you understand the logic behind every concept not only in Maths but in every subject. This helps you in growing your knowledge in every perspective. Study hard and prepare well for your exams. The above-mentioned methods are sure to help you in your preparations. Do not waste your time, stay away from distractions and be focused on building your knowledge as this will help you in the long run.

All the best!