What are the symptoms of low DHEA?

Dehydroepiandrosterone hormone is known as DHEA that is to produce and secrete small adrenal glands on the Kidney. Unfortunately, in the human body after the age of 30 years, its production is gradually decreasing. The low production of DHEA badly affects our bodies. Finding a way to increase its level in the body is very important.

Here are some of the symptoms to look out for at a lower level of DHEA:

: Not only is it harmful to the body, but it also depresses people mentally. People suffer from deep depression because of the slightest cause due to low DHEA.

Dry Skin
: Many people suffer from dry skin problems for this issue. It tends to dry the skin of the body slowly. Sometimes dry skin can be painful. The elderly are more affected. So, the benefit of optimal DHEA levels is to have flexible and healthy skin.

Bone Health
: The optimal level of DHEA keeps the body healthy and improves performance. But a low level of DHEA decreases rates and reduces performance altogether.

Low Energy
: Fatigue leads to less. Women, in particular, feel vulnerable to work. It is essential to overcome the weakness of the work. And this will increase the production capacity of the adrenal gland.

Increased Body Fat
: Because of this imbalance of DHEA, we unexpectedly get fat. Metabolic problems can be caused by abdominal fat.

Decreased Muscle
: This is also a symptom of the low level of DHEA.

Poor Memory
: Lower memory is responsible for people’s low levels of DHEA after the age of 30. Since the adrenal gland develops DHEA, action must be taken to keep the adrenal gland fresh. Then the memory will not diminish.

Losing Weight
: DHEA makes easier to manage body weight. It is important to keep the weight under control as you get older. You have to reverse this in order to gain weight unexpectedly.

Abnormal Period (Women)
: Women may suffer from irregular periods. It is certainly harmful to his body. Due to this difficulty, women lose their normal functioning. It sometimes causes other physical problems as well.

Lower Sex Drive
: It may be due to the weakness of the sex for low production of DHEA. This is a common symptom of this hormone imbalance. So this should find ways to protect the hormone balance. It is important to take action so that there is no interruption in your love life.

While these symptoms can be seen, they can be caused by other causes. Its levels are the top of the age group of 25-30 years after birth. Then it gradually decreases, which means its balance is not right. 

Even at the age of 70, the amount is quite low. So, we should take urgent action in case such problems arise.  You can take a vegetarian capsule to balance the DHEA level. My2048 Synergized DHEA for men is this type of capsule that controls your production of DHEA. The Adrenal gland will produce DHEA perfectly and no such symptoms can be seen.