What Are the Features and Advantages of Timber Flooring?

Most of the people know timber flooring is mainly sold as plank flooring. Here, recycled form of wooden boards or the reclaimed ones are installed to make flooring in office or home. Mostly known for its one-of-a-kind distinctive features, this kind of flooring has been highlighting official and residential apartments for years. Thanks to its longer durability and performance features, once installed, you do not have to work too much on such floorings.

Timber Flooring

What are some of the features of timber flooring?

There are certain features of timber flooring which make these ideal to be used both for domestic and for commercial purposes:

  • Timber flooring can be used not just to decorate your home, but in many cases, this type of flooring is also used to make the decks of ships as they are anti-skid, and they do not have any toxic effect on the environment.
  • The underfoot that you get with timber flooring is soft, unlike the concrete and tiled floors. Hardwood flooring lasts long and it is installed for wonderful durability, for lasting aesthetic and for giving a universal appeal to your home.
  • Timber flooring can cost much initially, but it gives you the best value for money, especially if you want to have the best resale value for your home.  You must look for the hardness, width, quality and the shrinkage capacity of the timber board before you start installing timber flooring in your home.

Some other options to look for:

Apart from the ones mentioned above, there are other types of timber flooring available too. You better look into those options as well, before making a final decision. When you choose the timber flooring, you need to know the proper maintenance process of this flooring and you need to check the quality of the product before installation.

  • You can choose from hardwood or softwood timber floors which are designed into wooden blocks. It follows the basket weaving pattern or the herringbone ones with aluminum foil for forming panels.
  • On the other part, you can also use this flooring on a room like study room or drawing room because this attractive and shining floor can easily attract people.
  • Timber flooring is also effective for the air-conditioned rooms because it can easily remove rust particles and the floors can remain cool by absorbing the cooling temperature of your air conditioner.

Timber Flooring

Advantages of using timber:

  • Timber flooring helps in sustaining a lot of movement without worrying about replacement.
  • It requires minimal maintenance
  • As the items are strong to last long therefore, timber floor is probably the first choice for various interior designers.
  • For regaining the long-lost luster, you just need to re-polish or re-sand the floors.
  • Defined as the best natural material of all, timber floor is eco-friendly and does not require much energy for manufacturing.

Even though, timber flooring is slightly expensive, but it’s worth the money you are investing in. Timber flooring is one aspect of the house that you invest in probably only once while building your house. Spending a little more than your budget at the initial stage will ensure, that you do not end up spending too much later. Timber floors take a considerable amount of time to install, hence it is advisable to speak with your contractor about the way they will install it. Low maintenance and a good insulator are some of the salient features of timber floors, which prove beneficial especially during cold weather.