What Are The Different Types Of Drug Rehabs?

There are many different types of drug rehabs and all of them provide different treatment. The type of treatment and the type of rehab that an addicted person should join depends upon his addiction level and health condition.

However, the main process that all types of drug rehabs follow is chemical detoxification. This process of drug detoxification is done properly under professional supervision.

People with a good budget should always join a top rehab such as California rehab. To get detailed information about therapies and treatments, you should check the different online websites of various drug rehabs.

In-patient treatment

The in-patient treatment rehab does its complete addiction treatment under a tightly controlled environment. The addicted person has to stay in the community center, or faculty or psychiatric cent for full time as these kinds of rehabs work on a full time basis. In this, mostly intervention programs are involved and the treatment takes almost thirty days to complete.

Out-patient treatment

In this type of rehab, the addicted person can come for the treatment voluntarily. And addicted individual can continue his daily life tasks and jobs in a regular manner. He needs not to spend his whole day in the rehab as he can come for meetings, classes and counseling sessions any time. These types of rehabs mostly do the treatment in the 12-step program which includes many therapies such as group therapy and family therapy.

Holistic approach to drug rehab

This is another best method to get rid of drug addiction that involves community centers and halfway houses. These centers offer the addicted person the proper advice and sufficient help to get rid of all the drug addiction. In this treatment, patients usually stay in rehab for six to twelve months and this really helps in improving their mental and physical health.

Other Types of Drug Rehabs

In addition to these above main types of rehabs, there are also some other treatment centers that offer special treatments based upon specific needs of the individuals. These programs include:

Women’s Drug Rehab

There are also some gender-specific rehabs which help to add more comfort in the recovery process. Women’s drug rehab is a safer place for all women suffering from drug addiction. This enables women to talk and discuss their drug abuse and any other kind of mental and physical abuse in a proper manner. In this way, they can clearly deal with self-image issues. This also helps in boosting the confidence of women.

Teen Drug Rehab

In this modern age, most of the teens also suffering from various drug addictions. Not only drug addiction, but most of them are also badly impacted by depression and anxiety. Thus to deal with the mind setup of teenagers, it needs a different level of understanding and treatment. Thus, it is better to send an addicted teen to a teen drug rehab.

On the Ending Note

These are the main different types of drug rehabs and one should always join a top rehab or California rehab according to specific requirements.