What are the differences between men’s and women’s watches?

There are men’s watches, women’s watches and then there are his and hers watches or we can say unisex watches. The gender divide between fashion, clothing, and accessories is fading away. Unisex watches are now as popular as men’s and women’s watches. Wooden watches, watches with leather straps, mechanical watches, automatic watches and all other types of watches come in the unisex form as well. However, if you want to buy one of the best wooden watches that are for women only, today you will learn about the differences between men’s and women’s wooden watches.

Wrist size

Not all have the same wrist size. Watches for women are designed to fit smaller wrists. On the other hand, watches for men are designed to fit larger wrists. However, the wrist size is not the only factor that dictates.

Width of the strap

This is one of the main indicators determining whether a watch is for men or women. Most of the women’s watches have a very thin strap. You cannot find any men’s watch with a thin strap. All men’s watches have thick heavy-duty straps. The width of the strap is enough to tell whether a watch is for men or women.   

Dial Circumference

Though the dial circumference is not a strong indicator, you can rely on it for differentiating men’s watches from women’s watches. Just like the wrist size of a watch, the circumference of a watch also has a bit of wiggle room. Most of the watches for women have a smaller dial. On the other hand, you can see that watches for men have larger, unique dials.

Strap Material

You have been exploring an online store selling watches for men and women. You want to buy a sleek, high-quality watch. As a woman, you are most likely to walk away from a watch with purely metal or leather strap. However, if you find a watch with a thin, stretchy material, you are likely to buy it. The straps of women’s watches are made from a material that squeezes tight around the wrist.

Men’s watches come with physical features that are different from the physical features of women’s watches. Watches for men are more flashy in terms of the outer material and the dial. When on the wrist, women’s watches appear to be more subtle. Men’s watches are designed to catch the eyes of others.

However, nothing stops you from wearing a watch that is designed for the other gender. If you like its style and it fits your style, you can wear a watch that is not made for your gender. The option of unisex watches is also available.

The most stylish his and hers watches are the wooden watches. There is no match for the style statement of a wooden watch.