What are the Differences Between a Downlight and a Built-in Focus?

When we have to illuminate a room, we become familiar with numerous terms, without knowing very well the difference between them: Downlights, recessed spotlights, light bulbs, LED strips, wall lights, etc.

With the entry of this blog we want to clarify the possible differences between an LED downlight and a recessed LED spotlight. Traditionally, a downlight has been considered the same as a recessed spotlight, because of its installation in an embedded or ‘recessed ceiling’ way. But we must make it clear that there are differences between them.

In the case of downlights Rovert Electrical and Lighting there is usually a certainly standard measurement that is around an outside diameter of 230 millimeters and a cut measurement of 200 millimeters. Although there are also smaller ones with a diameter of around 100 millimeters and a cutting measure of 70 millimeters. In the case of recessed spotlights, there is a greater variety of sizes and measures. Currently, it is possible to find both downlights and round and square recessed spotlights.

Focusing the lighting on a more specific area. This difference determines the area and the use that should be made of these luminaires. Recommending the installation of downlights for bathrooms, kitchens, corridors, living rooms, offices, offices, etc. And the use of recessed spotlights to enhance specific areas or points, illuminate shelves, illuminate an object, a picture, etc.

Extra-flat LED recessed spotlights are one of the forms of lighting that has been on the market much longer than downlights, but has been able to adapt to lighting needs. Improving both its materials and the technology used and creating new designs.

At present, we can find simple and elegant spotlights with focusable and addressable LED light beam. It is one of the best options for LED lighting for the home, either embedded in the kitchen furniture or in any other room such as the living room, the living room or the office.

Downlights are recommended for more daily use and general LED lighting. To take full advantage of its advantages it is recommended to install them away from the walls. They can be installed aligned and separated from each other by a meter and a half distance, although this distance may increase depending on their power.

How to Install a Downlight LED?

The first step to install an LED downlight is to disconnect the electric current from the differential, in order to manipulate the electric current without suffering any risk. In the case of having an old luminaire, any component that accompanies it must be removed and removed. It is important to take into account the cutting measure, since it will allow us to place our downlight on the ceiling correctly.

Once the necessary cutting measures have been carried out, the driver can be connected. Once this connection is made, you can proceed to the general power connection and check that everything is working correctly.

Finally, you can proceed to the placement or fixation of the downlight on the ceiling. To do this, it is necessary to put the tabs up so that they allow the downlight to enter the hole.

How to Install a led Importable Focus?

To install a recessed LED spotlight, it is necessary to delimit the exact point where you want to install the luminaire and proceed to its cutout on the ceiling. To make the hole in the ceiling, the use of a crown saw is recommended. Once the space in which the luminaire is to be installed is available, the cables must be inserted in their corresponding connection sheet and tighten the fastening screws with a screwdriver.Finally, it is possible to proceed with the placement of the recessed spotlight on the ceiling, fitting it properly and checking that the device works correctly. In Black or Led you can find a wide variety of recessed spotlights and LED downlights of various sizes, shapes and powers. If you have any questions, consult with the professionals of www.rovert.com.au.