Watch Virgin Bhaskar on ZEE5 for Some Adult Comedy

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When it comes to Virgin Bhaskar, it is the web series that made on sexy comedy by ZEE5 originals. This series will let you explore the life of one person who reached the age of 26 and still a virgin. He wants to prove himself as a nonvirgin by dating a beautiful girl, and women. 

Virgin Bhaskar is an erotic adult series Introduced by ZEE5 original. This Hindi language series was released on 19th November 2019 in India. You can enjoy it now on the ZEE5 official website with Full HD quality subtitles.

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IMDB gave an 8.5/10 rating because of the excellent direction of Sakshat Dalvi and Sangeeta Rao. The writing credits of this best series goes to Manish, Akanksha Shukla, and Ajaydeep Singh. Virgin Bhasker whole series divided into crisp episodes that you can stream online on ZEE5 originals. 

Virgin Bhaskar consists of 11 episodes, which are listed below.

  1. Unused Jawaani
  2. The First Meeting
  3. Banarasi Pyaar ya Sambhog
  4. Saam Daam Dand Bhed
  5. Coaching Wali GF
  6. Shaadi Me Samasya
  7. Bato Ka Tota
  8. Pyaar Ka Saregama
  9. Sabse Bada Rog, Bhaiya Nahi Ho Raha Sambhog
  10. Chaudah Upanyas Ka Sahitya
  11. Pyaar Ki Vidhi

This web series consists of a unique story of Bhaskar, who comes to Allahabad to crack the UPSC exam. Bhasker is a 26-year-old virgin boy who wants to lose his virginity as soon as possible. Bhaskar has one best friend named Mishraji, who helps in finding a beautiful girl for him. Along with that, the Love begins between Bhaskar and Vidhi Tripathi. 

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Vidhi is a sincere and intelligent girl, and she also falls in Love with Bhaskar. As time passes, Bhaskar leaves the UPSC preparation and starts writing adult novels. Gradually, he archives grand success in adult novel writing. After that, the colossal twist comes, which you can watch now on ZEE5 Exclusive

Looking into the star cast, Anant V Joshi Played the leading role as Bhaskar Tripathi. Recently, he was seen in Gandi Baat. The Character of Vidhi played by the famous actress Rutpanna Aishwarya who previously appeared in Naagin 3. Dherendra Tiwari showed himself as a Mishraji and Himanshu Singh as Rohan, who is the son of Bhaskar’s Landlord. 

Anant Joshi  Bhaskar Tripathi
Rutpanna Aishwarya Vidhi Pandey
Himanshu Arora Rohan
Dherendra Kumar Tiwari Mishraji
Durgesh Kumar Batuknath
Omkar Nautiyal Abhishek Yadav

Virgin Bhaskar is one of the best Web Series review that delivers the best humor and sex. You can enjoy and watch Virgin Bhaskar on ZEE5 for some Adult comedy.

It seems so exciting how Bhasker gets rid of his virginity by trying different types of ways. His silly mistakes will make you smile on your face. So, don’t miss to see the best acting of Anant Joshi in the Virgin Bhaskar web series.

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