Vehicle Exhaust Smoke: What it Means

Cars throwing smoke from their exhausts isn’t anything strange. Earlier it was a more common scenario, as the machinery used for the automobiles were not so advanced like today. So, these days even if the modern cars exhausts are streaming any gas, they are so clear that you often might not get to see through your naked eye.

But the team of mechanics we consulted at the Moreno Valley Mazda dealership service center explained that even then if smoke clouds are coming out of a modern exhaust system, it is certainly indicative of some things. In this we have to remember that exhaust smokes can be of different colors and they mean different things. To make you aware of what each of these exhaust smoke color, here’s a brief account of them. 

Black Exhaust Smoke

If yourcar tailpipe is emitting black colored smoke, it is a condition popularly termed as “running rich” which definitely indicatesbad health of your car, but it can be fully recovered at an affordable price. The three common causes that make your car tailpipe exhaust black smoke are:

• The Return Line of your car Fuel system isClogged

• The Fuel Pressure Regulatoris Stuck

• Your car fuel injectorsare leaking.

White Exhaust Smoke

If you diagnose white-smoke coming out of the exhaust pipe of your vehicle, especially on cold winter mornings, it can indicate an issue that can be tricky. Thing can get worse if you find that in spite of your exhaust system being in a tip-top state is pumping out dense white clouds especially in low temperatures, be sure that it is not only due to cold temperature, but that the coolant has leaked quite heavily into the combustion chamber, which is supposed to be containing only air and fuel. Few potential reasons that can cause the coolant leak are:

• When the Head Gasketof the Coolant got blown away.

• If the Coolant Cylinder Headgot cracked up

• If the Engine Block got cracked up for some reason.

Bluish-Gray Exhaust Smoke

Sometimes your exhaust pipe can also emit bluish-gray smoke. If you see such tendencies, know that this kind of smoke is only indicative of the situation in which the engine oil has been leaking into the combustion chamber. And this is a really dangerous condition as the combustion chamber is supposed to be consisting of only air and fuel.

However, if you see a bluish-gray cloud of smoke from the exhaust of your car rather than a white one, do not panic. In most cases, the engine still could be found to be strong enough to be rebuilt  againand that too without much effort. But in some cases, depending upon how much damage got caused to the engine, the repair work might get to be a major one costing you a lumpsum amount. So what can lead to such situations? Here are the most commonly found reasons:

• Leaked Valve Seals.

• PCV Valve getting stuck.

• Worn out piston rings.

• Worn out coolant cylinder walls.

The experts of the Moreno Valley Mazda dealer finally rounded up the discussion saying that the exhaust system of a vehicle is that crucial window that maintains the health of the engine. Any smoke coming out of it indicates of a disease that needs to be cured only by a professional.