Use Antiviral Herbs to Boost Immune System and Fight Infection

Antiviral herbs are commonly used remedies naturally available to increase your immune and decrease viral infections. Since ancient times, these homely herbs have shown their effects against illnesses like viral infections. These natural herbs have plant extracts that boost your immune system and help our body to fight against the diseases.

At the same time, these natural herbs don’t have many research examples from the past. So, people usually consume them with a pinch of salt to avoid any avoidable side-effects.

There are n-number of herbal extracts that we might have heard from our ancestors that have antiviral effects. Don’t worry; we are not here to list all the Antiviral herbs. But, we will list some of the herbs that we feel will remain at the top at any point in time. Additionally, we are commenting on the contents of these herbs and what their benefits are for the human body.

  • Top Antiviral herbs to protect your body against Viral Infections

(Please note –  We can list them based on the previous studies and regular viral infections our human body may get exposed to.)

  • Basil (Also known as Tulsi)

There are many varieties of Basil available in the shops. Sweet Basil and many other holy types that show Antiviral effect against various viral infections.

A study suggests that Sweet Basil has compounds like Apigenin and Ursolic acid. These compounds are capable enough to fight against viral infections like Herpes, Hepatitis B, or Enterovirus.

Holy Basil, commonly called Tulsi, has shown the capability of increasing the immunity of human bodies. It has all the antiviral compounds to fight against viral infections.

We have heard from our seniors that 300 mg of Holy Basil every day in the morning can significantly increase the level of T-cells and natural killer cells in the human body. An increase in the levels of these cells will dramatically improve the immune system of the human body to fight against viral infections.

  • Garlic

You might get this product readily available at your house. Garlic is something that we use in most of our food dishes. It is a natural remedy to fight against a variety of illnesses, including viral infections.

One study says that Garlic improves the immune system by activating protective immune cells that are responsive while saving humans against any viral infections.

Additionally, Garlic has antiviral components to fight against Influenza, HIV, or HSV-1.

  • Lemon Balm

Lemon Balm is a plant that is commonly used in teas and other seasonings. It is a source of concentrated potential oils and plant compounds that holds all the capacity to fight against viral infections.

Lemon balm has a number of antiviral components to fight Influenza, HIV, and Enterovirus 71, which can create severe illnesses to small children and infants.

  • Peppermint

Peppermint is widely known to have antiviral components that can help in boosting the immune system. It is commonly added in teas to fight against any viral infections.

The essential oil content in the peppermint leaves has active compounds like menthol. These active compounds have the power to act against any viral infections. Moreover, they are excellent at anti-inflammatory activities.

A study suggested that extracts of peppermint leaves have antiviral activity against respiratory viral infections. Moreover, they are capable enough to decrease the inflammatory compounds in the human body.

  • Ginger

Elixirs, teas, are popular Antiviral herbs extracted from Ginger, and commonly used to fight against the viral infections. Its high potent plant compounds can fight against primary viral infections. It shows good antiviral activity.

Ginger products have antiviral activities on viral infections, viz., avian influenza and feline calicivirus. These viruses are almost equal to human norovirus.

Some specific ginger compounds like gingerols inhibit the viral replication activities in our body. Moreover, it does not allow the virus to enter the host cell, thus increasing the immunity of our human body to fight infections.

Antiviral herbs that are commonly found in the kitchen like Basil, Ginger, or Garlic, contain potent plant compounds that can fight against viral infections and save the immune system. It is effortless to add these potent plant compounds in our day to day meal. If nothing, then it can be added in the teas to boost our immune system.

However, we need to keep in mind that all these extracts are though natural, but all are not clinically tested ones. Either they were subject to test tubes or on animals using concentrated extracts. Thus, the idea remains unclear whether small doses will work or higher doses.

As a result, we expect you to take prescription either from a general physician, or doctors who are experts in ayurvedic medicines, or at least from someone who is having good knowledge about natural extracts. These tactics will ensure safe usage of natural ingredients that helps in boosting your immune system, thus safeguarding you from viral infections.