Understanding the Concept of Thousand Sunny

The Thousand Sunny is the second ship after the Straw Hat Pirates that was built after the destruction of the Going Merry. This brig sloop type was designed and also built by Franky assisted by Iceberg, Yokozuna, and the rest of the Galley-La foreman considered the best shipwrights that were there in the world.

Ship appearance and design

The ship consist of a brig sloop, a kind of ship that often relies on the navigator’s skills. It comes with a lawn on the deck complete with a slide and swing and a tower for observation for the crow’s nest. The ship has a high mast that allows it to easily maneuver. Just like the Going Merry, it has an animal head as its figurehead. As a result of the ambiguity of the mane, it was easy to confuse the lion for the sun and sunflower head when the ship was being constructed and this caused a lot of frustrations to Franky. The ship has 16 cannons (7 tradition cannons on every side of the ship and some 2 specialized air cannons.

Helm, Anchors and figurehead

The Thousand Sunny’s figurehead comprises of a big lion face with some 2 crossbones behind it in a way of Jolly Roger. The figurehead mouth can open to show Gaon Cannon for the frontal attacks and it is possible to rotate the mane of the lion in the same way we do with the propeller to enable the ship to move backwards if necessary. The helm of the Thousand Sunny is usually located at the front. Unlike the traditional steering wheels  that were put on the sailing ships, the steering of the Sunny looks like the one that is found on many of the modern ships. The Slider Dock system’s controls are usually located on its steering wheel. The Sunny comes with a built-in Log Pose that is located on the metal pillar that has a medium height that stands directly behind the helm of the ship.

Understanding the Concept of Thousand Sunny

The Thousand Sunny’s anchors are placed at each side of the ship’s front and resemble some huge lion paws each with 3 toes. The ropes that are used tower and raise them are usually stored inside the metal rings that are placed just behind the figurehead.

Men & Women Quarters

The first floor is the place where the men’s quarters are located at the ship’s fore. On the other hand, the women’s quarter is located above them on the 2nd floor. You can enter the men’s quarter from each side of the first floor. At the middle there is the horigotatsu type kotatsu, a fireplace that is inspired by the Japanese fireplace. It has a low sofas and sunken tables. There are 3 double-decker bunks that are suspended from the ceiling using a wooden hammock. Behind these bucks at the back of the room are 6 lockers that enable the men to store their clothes.