Understanding Plastic Surgery and Precautions Before Going Through It

Plastic surgery has become a very common term in current times & this facility is available in numerous hospitals. However, you must be aware of this fact that plastic surgery has evolved to a large extent with time. You cannot avail all kinds of surgeries in one place. Some of the surgeons are expert in medical treatments whereas others are meant for cosmetic work. Nowadays. Cosmetic surgeries are gaining huge recognition worldwide because of their permanent or long term benefits.

While deciding to have surgery, you must be aware of this fact that it is an invasive process. Some of them are highly invasive whereas others require less invasion. All the latest plastic surgical procedures are coming with minimally invasive techniques. It means less visibility of post-surgery scars. Whether it is a small or big surgery, some scars will surely remain behind. Here are some precautions that you must consider before visiting a plastic surgeon.

Important precautions to consider

Avoid all cosmetic products

If you are already going to have cosmetic surgery, what is the point of applying cosmetic products? It is advisable to quit the use of cosmetic products before two weeks of surgery and around one month after the completion of the process. Skin becomes very sensitive after surgery that results in allergic reactions and infections

Quit smoking & alcohol

Intoxicant like alcoholic drinks and tobacco increases the level of toxins in your body. It is advisable to quit all these habits around a month before the surgical procedure. Excess of alcohol consumption makes sedation drugs ineffective during the surgery. On the other hand, the toxins of smoke reduces recovery speed after going through surgery.

Healthy diet

A healthy diet means eating food rich in antioxidants to promote your immunity level. After the surgery, patients need a particular timespan for recovering. It varies on the basis of the patient’s immunity level. If your immune system is strong, there will be less negative impacts of invasive surgery and your body recover much rapidly.

No medicine course or health supplements

The best plastic surgeons in Baltimore suggest avoiding any medication course before & after this surgery. Some medicines thicken the blood clotting whereas some others weaken your immune system.

Avoid direct sunlight

Your skin becomes hypersensitive after the plastic-surgical procedure. Exposing it to direct sunlight will make it highly prone to skin cancer. Stay indoors as much as possible before & after the surgery.

Most common risks with plastic surgical procedures


If your surgeon is incompetent or the surgery is occurring in unhygienic conditions, there is always a risk of infection. Open wounds are highly prone to infection. It is advisable to choose the least invasive technique.

Blood loss

There is also a risk of excessive blood loss during or after the surgery. It generally happens with a person having weak immunity.

Nerve Damage

The risk of nerve damage remains higher in invasive surgeries like liposuction. Only trust a qualified & certified surgeon having advanced facilities in their clinic.