Understand the basic lighting design of the family in 3 minutes Entrance light

For office workers from nine to five, the warm lights are waiting as soon as they return home, which is really a comfort to the tired body and mind.

The porch needs uniform ambient light as the main light source, and the hallway is the same as the porch, mainly with high-illumination downlights.

For office workers who have been working for a day, you can also set up automatic sensor light belts, so you don’t have to undress and undress while turning on the lights.

The shoe cabinet is best suspended, and the bottom can be used as a temporary place for shoes, and a light belt should be set as supplementary lighting.

The downlight + the light strip at the bottom of the shoe cabinet is simple, beautiful and practical. It is suitable for the entrance where the overall shoe cabinet is installed.

Living room lighting

Living room lighting should be combined with basic lighting and auxiliary lighting. You can add some auxiliary lighting fixtures such as table lamps, floor lamps and wall lamps(LOHAS e26 bulbs led) at the corner of the sofa and the wall. It can not only supplement lighting, but also complete a special task. , Reading or writing, can also be a good decoration.

Bedroom lighting

The bedroom serves as a resting place, with a warm and quiet lighting atmosphere, and the ambient light brightness should be reduced as much as possible.

Use the light belt to illuminate the wall behind the bedside, which can make people go to sleep faster before bedtime; wall lamps or chandeliers can be selected on both sides of the bed, which will not occupy the space of the bedside table and also make the light source more uniform; In addition, the night light is recommended to be set on both sides of the bed. Some people can avoid the rest of the family when they wake up at night.

The bedroom is the most important space for people to rest and intimate. The lighting of the bedroom is rich in level, but the main way of lighting is soft light.

It is recommended not to install the main light source (that is, the main light) on the ceiling of the bedroom, or to select the light with low illumination and low color temperature when setting the main light source. The reasonable installation position of the lamp should avoid lying down and glaring to stimulate the eyes.

The bedside is provided with wall lamps, or some small spotlights or luminous lamp troughs, downlights, etc. as auxiliary lighting to reduce indoor light contrast.

Bathroom lighting

To prevent shadows on the face, light strips should be placed on both sides of the mirror so that there is light on both sides. A reading light can be added on the top of the toilet (some people have the habit of reading when using the toilet).

The bathtub uses light strips to create a uniform light (to avoid the influence of the central light source on the eyes).

Balcony lighting design

The balcony light switch is designed to prevent the plastic material switch from being exposed to the sun or being wet by rain, and also to facilitate drying clothes. Therefore, the switch is designed at 1.5 meters in the living room and the position is prominent and not easy to be ignored.

Kitchen lights

Many home kitchen lights are led square lights integrated in the ceiling, generally located in the center of the room, and can meet the basic lighting of the kitchen.

However, we also have functions such as cutting vegetables and washing dishes in the kitchen. People’s backs block the light source, so we need to equip the preparation area and washing area with independent light sources.

Especially in the vegetable preparation area, cutting vegetables and chopping meat are all tricks, and the light source must be sufficient, so the bottom light of the cabinet is essential.

For the needs of cabinet bottom lights, before the first stage of hydropower transformation, the cabinet designer needs to tell the designer to add lights when he first measures at the door. The designer will consider the placement of the lights when designing the cabinet and water and electricity , Reserve the lamp line in advance.

For the average family, the lighting design needs to consider the above aspects according to the functional zoning. Of course, this is only the most basic design. According to the composition and living habits of family members, in order to better fit everyone’s living habits and feelings, they are different in more detailed design, and this is the meaning of lighting design, that is to let Everyone can feel the warmth of home.