Types of Youtube Videos That Get Highest Views

When it comes to content promotion and marketing, YouTube has become the place to go for most of the online marketers and bloggers. Since the launch of the first YouTube video, Me At The Zoo, in 2005, YouTube has just gone forward. Google recognized the business potential at the right time and paid $1.65 billion for the service. 

While I’m searching for something on YouTube, I start by looking for marketing strategies and end up watching cute puppy videos, all in one go. This often drains all the data of mycox deals, but who cares. This is the interface of the website that allows easy clicking from one video to another. 

So, if you are a blogger who has just started, or thinking about giving your small business a boost by posting videos about it, this post lists the types of videos that get the most views. 

Cute Animals Videos

Okay, this had to be on number one on my list! The most difficult thing is to resist watching a cute animal video while you are searching for some serious stuff and the suggestions pop up in the sidebar. These videos get special when those cute little things are doing something out of the ordinary for their human friends. Can you resist watching a puppy walk around in a cute pirate Halloween dress? I can’t either!

YouTube has a collection that can get through tough lonely times for sure, and that too giggling! Bonus point, you get to see the animated ones too.  

Video Games Walk-through Videos

If you are a player, you will get why this has made it to number two on my list (I had to stop considering the music videos for doing that!). A video walk-through is a type of gaming where somebody plays a game and narrates the experience for the video viewers. YouTube was inhabited by young males in the beginning, so this should come as no surprise that thousands of YouTube channels are based upon video gaming. Minecraft alone generates enough traffic that it has a website of its own that contains the listing of top 1k Minecraft YouTube channels!

How-to Guides and Tutorial Videos

YouTubers cleverly combine the three kinds of learning, the visual, the auditory, and the kinesthetic. You can learn by watching something, by listening, or by doing it. How-to guides and tutorials can offer all three in a single video, and that is why they are so popular. From fixing a broken shoe to giving you furry friend a bath, YouTube has a video tutorial for every single of your problem. 

Product Review Videos

Whenever I want to try out a new product or a brand, the first thing I do is to check YouTube for reviews from people who have used the product. And let’s be optimistic, most of those reviews are honest. Although bloggers and vloggers are paid for the reviews most of the time, it is a necessity to include the flaws of the product too, to make the review sound authentic. 

Also, YouTube offers similar or matching products in the suggestions too. It becomes easy for you to decide which product to go for. 

So, whether it is a new makeup brand you want to try or about trying a new cookware brand, YouTube is here to help. 

Celebrity Talk Videos

Nobody with an interest in the entertainment industry can claim to miss a single one of the Kardashians’ videos. This is not a new trend, but a lively one anyway. Most of the people choose to watch videos when it comes to celebrity gossip, and they are never disappointed as they can find all on YouTube.  

Vlog Videos

You most probably wouldn’t remember the initial type of blogs. It used to be called a web-log. A blog is usually a daily account of what a person does in a day, something like virtual diary-writing. 

Vlogs are the latest trend. It is not just writing but making a video of how your day went. YouTube is brimming with Vloggers posting daily on different topics. You get to see the inside life of the vloggers, and most of the content is unscripted, so is quite engaging. It is like getting to choose your favorite reality show, but without a cluster of stars. I often end up using all of my cox internet service data towatch vloggers in action.

Do you have any favorites? Share in the comments!