An essential part of keeping the home safe for people using different electrical appliances is wiring of the house. Wiring is required in every home and there is a lot of variety of wire for home wiring that is available in the country. Many people compromise with the quality of the wire but the consequences of using low quality wires can be even worse than the financial implication of buying a good quality wire.

There are other things that people need to know about the wiring system present in their house or in the markets. There are few types of wiring system or wires that can be used for different purposes. These types are:

  • Cleat wiring: This type of wiring is not used much these days because it is a temporary wiring system and is not fit to use for domestic areas. Also this wiring involves fitting the wire into the PVC tube around the wall or the sealing.
  • Wiring with capping: This method was used long ago when modern ways and high quality material was not available and that’s why this method is abandoned by people and is not used by much. This method also uses the PVC insulated tubes which were attached to a wooden case. This case helps in accommodating all the cables lengthwise. The case is made of wooden strip.
  • Bolt wiring: This method involves a single wire or group of wire placed/ attached to a wooden bolt. The wires are placed at an interval of approximately 15-16 cm for vertical joining and approximately 9-10 cm for horizontal joining.
  • Flume wiring: There are 2 types of flume wiring that are used. These are:
    • Surface flume wiring: In this wiring system all the wires are placed on the roof or on the wall and then a small clip is attached to the wire at regular intervals so that wires get stick to the roof.  All this is done in a systematic and decent way and the wire doesn’t interrupt while working.
    • Concealed flume wiring: In this wiring method all the wires gets placed inside the walls of the house. The wires are not left outside and fitted in the home at the time the home was getting build. This also provides the benefits of safety, longevity and avoiding of external factors as a result of which there is no wear and tear.
  • Wiring of Lead sheathed:This type of wiring solves the problem of wire getting affected by external factors. These wires are made up of VIR insulated tubes that are covered with more than 90% lead. This tube is covered with a sheath of aluminum. This protects the wire from any weather changes and temperature changes and other repairs that happen due to mechanical resistance.

Many firms are into the electric wire manufacturing business in the country. But selection of the right quality of the wire is in your hands. One should enquire all the details of the quality and longevity of the wires and then decide which wire to use.