Top 6 genuine applications for medicines and health care services

With growing technology and advancing mobile applications, most of the services have transferred from being physical to being online. One of the biggest examples is pharmacies. There are several pharmacies that have started their online portals and now you can easily buy medicines, medical equipment, book for lab tests and online consultations with ease. Online portals are more feasible and helpful as no matter where you are located, you can get genuine medicines with just a few clicks, right at your doorstep. There are several benefits attached to online health care service purchase. When you sign up on any of the online platforms, you can avail many benefits and great discounts on your online purchases. If you are looking forward to knowing more about the genuine online pharmacies present in India then we have prepared a list for you.

1MG: One of the leading online pharmacies of India, 1MG technologies allow you to choose from many services. You can purchase medicines, book lab tests and take online consultations from this online platform at nominal costs. When you download the 1MG application, you can unlock great discount offers as well through 1mg discount coupons and codes available at 1MG has tied up with many famous hospitals and doctors to give its users the best facilities. Be it medicine purchase, tests or consultation, you can avail of great discounts when you use the latest discount coupons on your purchase. You can easily make your health care checkups hassle-free when you are on this online platform. 

Practo: Practo is another great platform that you can use to consult a doctor from the comfort of your home. This online platform also allows you to purchase medicines and book lab tests with a few clicks. When you sign up on Practo you can book for an online consultation, search for clinics, read about medicines, look for doctors and do much more. It is one of the most secure platforms which allows you to access the best healthcare facilities without any hassle. So if you want to enjoy health care at low costs then try Practo. It is the most genuine platform for all users. You can download the application or sign up on the website and access great benefits with ease.

Mfine: Mfine is another healthcare platform that was developed in 2017. It was founded by Mr Asutosh and Mr Prasad Kompalli. It is an AI-driven online platform that allows you to book online consultations, get full-body health checkups, get tested for covid and book for other consultations, look for hospitals and clinics. You can also book lab tests. It is one of India’s best-rated medical apps that you can have on your phone. And now you can also avail yourself of great discounts whenever you want to take any medical service from this platform. From you can grab coupons, deals and choose from all the latest mfine offers. 

Netmeds: Netmeds is a similar app that allows its users to benefit from the best healthcare facilities no matter in which corner of the country they are. When you sign up on Netmeds you can book for online consultation and choose from hundreds of lab tests you can even select from the lab test packages that Netmeds has for the users and make your tests affordable. it is one of the most secure platforms from where you can get health checkups for yourself and your loved ones trouble-free. You can also grab the Netmeds coupons online from and avail yourself of great discounts on your online purchases hassle-free. 

Apollo 247: If you’re looking for some trustworthy doctors from whom you can consult online then this can be your go-to app or website. Apollo application allows you to take advice from the most knowledgeable doctors from Apollo hospitals. When you are on this website you can order medicines and other medical products, book for lab tests and health checkups, consult doctors online, seek therapies and get advice regarding nutrition and skincare. 

Pharmeasy: It is a great app that will help you get the best medical and healthcare services for yourself and your loved ones. This online platform is very secure and whenever you buy health care products or order medicines online from this platform you can get them at affordable prices. You can avail yourself of great discounts whenever you book an online consultation for lab tests from this platform. It has many good features for secure and hassle-free browsing. So if you want to get access to great health care services from the comfort of your home, then try this platform.

Now if you want to save big on your online purchases then you can enjoy the best discounts from It is one of the most authentic platforms from where you can get great offers on your online medicine purchases hassle-free. You can avail of these discounts with a few clicks. is a genuine and authentic platform that allows you to avail discounts without having to pay anything. So, before booking an online consultation, ordering medicines or booking for lab tests, look for the discount offers that are available on the couponscurry website and enjoy all the health care facilities at a good discount.