Top 5 Things to Keep in Mind While Buying Books Online

Customer reviewsReading is one of the most fundamental skills an individual needs to learn to succeed in life. Evolving good reading habits is important to your future not just academically, but in routine life as well. Reading develops vocabulary, the more you read, the more new words will find their way into your vocabulary. Reading lets you expose the words and phrases that you may not use as part of normal speech. It also helps in acquiring new knowledge and in developing a balanced mind-set.

To get these attributes, you should have a very diverse reading with a continuity, which needs you to buy books regularly. If you are the one who loves to go through different books, then you must be known to online book stores, which are enabling to buy books online without taking too much your time and effort.  Buying from online book stores is a witty choice, but before choosing one shop, you should check out the following concerns in order to avoid any issues in future.

Widespread collection

While choosing online book store you should check about the collection diversity of the store. It must have proper categories like Fictions, Non-Fictions, Memoirs,Reference, Biographies, Job Hunting & Careers, Spirituality, Health, Religious, Yoga, Competitive Exams books, Children’s book, Cooking, Travel and hospitality books etc. A good store offers a range of academic books; medical books, engineering books, science books,computer books and management books to cater the syllabus of universities, colleges, and schools in India.

Reliability and authenticity

Many retailers now offer online book shopping, but not all is reliable and authentic. You have to check at your own that how reliable is the one bookstore you have chosen to make your book purchases. You should also check its displays seals from consumer protection organizations. Keep in mind that these images on their own don’t mean a whole lot since they can be simply copied and added to any webpage.  You should click on the image, which must take you to a webpage that authenticates that the website is certified. Also, check the payment gateway security.


Online book shopping has made it easy for readers to buy good books wherever they want. While this is an excellent move, it has its challenges. For example, with most online shops, books are carried to your doorstep after a stipulated period. There is always the dread that your books may be shipped to the wrong address or they may get lost anywhere on the way. There is also the probability that the book may arrive later than they were expected. For these reasons, customers are always concerned with the security of the shipment process.

Return and refund policy

It is very important to know how an online book store handles returns and refunds. It is very usual to make a wrong purchase of book. Moreover, you may also pay for books that are either out of stock or are no longer open. In this case, it is always significant to know whether or not you will be refunded. Sometimes, your books may get damaged while in transit. What happens with these books? Do you get a return or replacement? Who pays for the carriage of the books back to the inventory? These are some of the queries that you should keep in your mind.

Coupons and other discounts.

Many online book store offer rebates that can save a lot of money. To receive the discount, usuallyyou have to enter the coupon code in the order form. By deducting from the total purchase price, it enables you to save money. Apart from coupons, many online store offers decent discounts on books that can be flat 50 or even up to 70%.


If you looking for one-stop-solution for buying books online in India, then look no further than Books Wagon. You can be assured about all the above mentioned considerations, which can cut down your future issues of online book buying.