Top 5 Thai restaurants in Tucson

Asian restaurants have made mark all over the world now and hence one can get to see a planet of Thai and Chinese restaurants wherever they go.

One can locate some really popular Thai restaurants Tuczon AZ, and try their delicious dishes if they want to go for some authentic Thai food.

Char’s Thai Restaurant

Char’s Thai has been offering some delicious Thai food in Rosemont for nearly 30 years now. They have an exclusive Thai menu and that too with a casual dining setting. One can either sit and dine or can also take away the delicacies to enjoy at home.  The popular dishes along with the regular soup are Thai curry, Pad kana and Panang curry. The dinner hours are from 5 PM to 9 PM.

Lucky’s Thai Asian Cuisine

Located this Tucson Arizona, this place has some authentic Thai menu which they have been serving for more than 20 years now. Along with that, they offer Chinese cuisine as well which one can try for an eclectic meal course. When one is here, they can try the Mongolian Three, Panang Curry and the Seafood Curry because they are really popular. One can go for a sumptuous meal there and have a heartwarming experience.

Sa Ing Thai Cuisine

Located in the Valencia road one can try some traditional Thai cuisine here if they are fond of it. The lunch hours here are 11 AM to 3 PM and the dinner hours are from 4 PM to PM on a daily basis. One can enjoy the food either sitting in the restaurant or else they can also order online and enjoy the food where they want to have it.  One can also go for some really good wine at happy hours. If one wants to eat here, they can try food items like Crab Puffs, Pad Prik Khing, Fresh Spring Rolls and Green curry.

Thai China Bistro

If one wants healthy and fresh yet affordable Thai food and if they are in Tucson then this can be there go to place to have a hearty meal. One can also go for gluten free meals and pure vegan meals if they want to because of them are available there. Though the dining room here is not for a lot of people and most of the time it remains crowded because of the food demand but one can do get a very cozy feeling when they are dining here. Apart from the regular Thai curry and Green curry, one can always try the Shrimp lobster sauce; Pad gra prao and Bangkok delight here. Pad thai and the Pad kee moa are the best noodle dishes available here.

Bai Thong

If one is looking for some authentic Thai food dishes then Bai Thong can be the best place in the town. The Panang curry and the Tom kai gai here are the most popular dishes to try out.

One can also go to the Guilin Chinese restaurant Tucson, AZ to enjoy some traditional Chinese dishes as well.