Top 5 Job Oriented Courses to Do After 12th

The phase after the 12th standard is a time for exploring new avenues for a successful career. We make 5 suggestions for you to consider.

Once a student completes the 12th standard, they are on the threshold of adulthood. Though graduation is at least three years away, depending on the stream of study they choose, a student at this stage of life is on the way to charting out a future career.

We recommend the following 5 job oriented certification courses to pursue after the 12th standard:

1 IT. Information technology is on a constant path of innovation, across various levels of both individual and company operations. Technologies and tools are constantly being developed and perfected for a better world. The challenge that new technology faces is to make use of available resources while helping to generate substitutes to replenish declining ones. The key area of operation in IT is to develop tools and capabilities that meet the demands of an increasingly global world.

2 Digital marketing. The Internet is everywhere and it powers most areas of your life. When you are constantly hooked to digital media, it logically follows that companies in India and around the world will find ways to connect with customers on the digital platform. However, the ways of means of making this connection are still evolving, and exciting new technologies and media are being presented every year. A certification course in digital marketing basics can put you on the path for a more detailed study into the field, and prepare you for a rewarding career in it.

3 Telecom. Every human being needs to communicate, and the easiest and most effective communication modes are presented by the telecom sector. The rise of mobile phone tech has spawned a new dawn in telecom for the country. While the nation is slowly moving away from outmoded communication modes like faxes and landline phones, telecom giants are focussing their energies on developing better talk time plans, increased connectivity and speeds, and also

4 Retail. As a field, retail can never die out as long as human beings need and demand things for daily existence. However, it has undergone a sea change in operational outlook, largely thanks to the rise of Internet-based tech that has transformed the way people shop for both essentials and luxury items. The retail sector has also increasingly had to align with social media for better consumer connect and responsiveness. Enrol for a retail diploma course after 12th to get a basic grounding in the sector and its various subsets.

5 Banking and finance. The banking and finance sector have also transformed enormously, with digital fin tech driving the way customers now use and control their private finances. These sectors have a high demand for skilled professionals who can be at the forefront of cutting-edge banking and finance technology, to develop futuristic but simple products and services with a high utility. Enrol for a banking course after 12th for a rewarding future career in this space.

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