Tips to Clean a Bounce House

A bounce house is a pretty big thing to clean, and little kids are messy, they get their clothes and themselves dirty all the time, they spill things. So the question is how to clean this giant bounce house and remove all the food stains, mud stains, footprints all sound the bounce house?

Despite the bounce house being too big, it is actually a lot easier to cleans the bounce house and you can do it regularly. There are a few steps to follow when cleaning the commercial bounce house to prevent damage and infections.

Let’s have a look at the steps to cleaning the commercial bounce house:

  • Initial Preparations and inspection

Before you start with the cleaning process it is important to check a few things to make the process faster and safer. Also, it will help in making sure that the bounce house is not damaged.

Firstly, layout the bounce house on the waterproof tarpaulin, remove all the removable like the ladder, nets, side rails, etc. Check for the area with maximum foot traffic as that will be the area you will be needing to clean thoroughly. Remove all the toys or crayons or other things that might get ruined or could damage the bounce house. At first, you might feel it to be a time-consuming process but later on, you will realize that it was smart work.

  • Clean the Bounce House “Dry”

After initial preparation and removing all the stuff, pick up a broom or handled brush and sweep the dust off of the commercial bounce house. If you have a vacuum cleaner you can use one but at low speed because you don’t wanna poke holes in your bounce house with high speed. Even while using a pointed broom or brush, don’t put too much pressure on it to avoid poking holes. Be sure to flip it and clean the underside of it.

  • Clean the Bounce House “Wet”

After cleaning the bounce house dry, now it’s time to clean the bounce house wet. When you initially went through the bounce you probably saw the stains and other messes that are not possible to be cleaned dry. Cleaning the commercial bounce house clean will make sure the stains are removed thoroughly. For that, all you need is a bucket, cleaning soap, sponge, and water. For even better results, you can even use vinegar in the soap solution. It will kill all the bacterias and germs and will make it healthier for kids to play in. You can certainly use a store-bought solution, however, we recommend not using it as it contains bleach, which is harmful especially for kids.

This method is safe as there is no pointy element to damage the bounce house. The areas that are the heavy foot traffic areas will need more scrubbing as they will be the messiest. Make sure to clean the undersides of thebounce house and the removable stuff that you kept separately like the ladder, side rails, nets, etc.

Cleaning wet isn’t necessary but it is good to wet clean it once in a while if you haven’t cleaned it in some time, or if the bouncer stinks, or has been folded and kept in storage for a very long time. After thoroughly scrubbing it, rinse off the soap with the help of a garden hose

  • Disinfect the Bounce House

Your bounce house is entirely cleaned but what about the infectious bacterias? You surely don’t want your kids to get sick and unhealthy. Which is why it is very crucial to disinfect the entire commercial bounce house after cleaning it.

A lot of industrial disinfectants have bleach in them, we strongly advise you to use bleach-free disinfectants. Bleach can cause the bright color of the bounce house to fade away and can also damage the vinyl. Use bleach only in case of mold formation, that too mild one because your kids are going to play in it. And after using the bleach, wipe off the entire bounce house once again before allowing your kids to use it.

  • Dry Your Commercial Bounce House

Now your bounce house is clean entirely. Only one thing is left to do which is to let it dry. Letting the bounce house dry is an important element because if kept wet, it can damage the bounce house and you don’t want that. To dry the bounce house, you will require some towels and natural sunlight. Dab the wet areas with the help of towels to remove the excess water and then leave it in the sun. This might take a couple of hours or even an entire day as the size of the commercial bounce house is really big.

There are few other ways to dry the bounce house like using the leaf blower. It will help in speeding up the process if you are in a hurry.

Ensure that the bounce house is completely dry before attempting to store it. Check the insides, undersides, top of the bounce house before keeping it back. This is time-consuming but important because leaving it wet will make the cleaning pointless. Folding and strong the wet bounce house will result in mold formation or the mildew, which can damage the bounce house and the health of your kids.

So, let it take time but drying the bounce house is crucial.

Also, a lot of people leave the bounce house in the sun and eliminate the step of disinfecting the bounce house. Do not do that because sun rays are UV rays that prevent water pathogens but not other bacterias and germs. You don’t want to mess up your children’s health and immunity. It is advised to use a bleach-free disinfectant.

At first, it may seem a lot of work, but once you start it will seem easier. Plus you will be satisfied with your work and the clean bounce house. After doing this process twice or thrice, it will become even less time-consuming.

When it comes to the commercial bounce house, a clean one is good for business and good for the reputation of the company.