Tips to Become an Investment Banker

Yearning for a job in Investment Banking? Reading this article will help you realize what you should do to get closer to your goal.

Entering investment banking is a wish that many finance professionals make but it comes true for only a few of them. Being one of the most fast-paced and in-demand fields of work, Investment banking is not for everyone. It is definitely no cake walk to earn an IB job unless you are an achiever in your domain and is up to give your best in the most hectic of the situations because surviving in this complex realm requires you to work day and night, under a lot of pressure.

So, if you think that you are cut out to be in Investment Banking, here is what you must do to accomplish this objective.

1.    First things first – Be sure that you want this

First of all, you have to be one hundred sure that your aim in life is to be an investment banker. And, the beauty about IB is that professionals come from disparate backgrounds, so they have a leverage of using their different skills in other related arenas (like trading or research) after taking early retirement from investment banking.

Also, studies reveal that there are certain traits that are shared by people who are inclined to this area of work. A certain choice of educational program related to finance and accounting is the topmost common factor amongst serious aspirers if IB jobs. Majority of them also long for a rapid moving, stressful position to be in. So, you got to be prepared to slog your way up the ladder to success.

The good news that all this hard work does pay in the end in the form of mind-boggling paychecks and bonuses. An operational investment banker and a corporate investment banker earn around £50,000 and £40,000 respectively.

2.    Select a suitable Investment Banking Career

In the investment banking dominion, there is not just one but various directions that you can go in to find a fulfilling career. But, one thing that shall help you no matter which career option you choose is an Investment Banking Certification.

If you’re performing in operation, you shall be required to take up the responsibility of processing as well as settling several transactions that people make at your investment bank. Which means that you need to be patient, hard-working as well as excellent with numbers.

If you become a corporate investment banker, you will have to offer financial services to companies and organizations. There will be times when you could be asked to work on mergers and acquisitions, bonds and shares and so on. And, as you will be offering strategic advice to clients and performing under immense pressure, you will be needed to be a remarkable negotiator and own solid interpersonal skills.

Though, you are required to own dissimilar skillsets along with personal attributes to fit into different areas, earning certification for Investment Banking is always a beneficial move to take.