Tips on How to Stay Comfortable During a Formal Party

It’s not easy being in the midst of other people in a formal event, especially if you’re an introvert. The entire idea scares you. Even when you’re bubbly and outgoing, it’s still not easy considering the kind of events you usually go to. Formal events are too rigid for your personality. If you want to stay comfortable throughout the night, these are some tips to consider.

Spot the people you know

The first thing to do upon arrival is to look around and see if there’s anyone you know. You will feel comfortable if you know another person in the room. You can approach that person and exchange pleasantries. In doing so, you can guarantee that you won’t just stay at your table the entire night. 

Wear comfortable clothes 

If you don’t usually wear formal clothing, it might be a bit awkward. You can barely move because you feel weird about what you’re wearing. For men, it’s even more uncomfortable if their suit is either too loose or too tight. Moving around won’t be easy with a suit that doesn’t fit well. Therefore, you need to prepare what to wear weeks ahead. You also need to practice walking around in your suit. If you can find made to measure suits, it would be great. You will look fascinating in a customized suit since it hugs your body perfectly. It might be costlier, but it will also last longer. 

Don’t think about the other people in the room

Stop thinking about the type of people you see in the room. It will only make you feel worse. Think about the celebration and why you’re there in the first place. You will then avoid getting intimidated by everyone else. 

Enjoy every aspect of the event

From the food to the performances, you should try to enjoy every aspect. You can’t expect the host to entertain you all the time, so you need to make yourself feel at home. Appreciate every detail and don’t forget to take lots of selfies. The event will only be fun if you enjoy it.

Talk to strangers

A formal party might be the only time when it’s acceptable to talk to strangers. You don’t know the people in the room, but the host does. It means that you can trust them. It’s a way to expand your social network. You might even find luck in love if you’re searching for it. Find interesting people and make small talk. 

It also means that you have to prepare what to say. Find a way to research some topics for a good party conversation. Be aware of what’s going on and talk about it. Be polite and create a positive first impression. 

You don’t need to feel awkward anymore by following these tips. You will enjoy the night and won’t hesitate to take part in future events if given a chance. You already know what to do and how to approach the people in the room.