Tips for renting a car in France

Learn how and where to rent a car in France, one of the most visited destinations in Europe, and excellent tips to save and rent at the best price. France is much visited because of Paris, one of the most famous cities in the world, but it has several other beautiful cities like Lyon, Marseille, Toulouse, Nantes, Arles, Nancy, Annecy, Strasbourg, Blois, Brest and Toulon, but it takes a hire car to travel from one to the other. The roads of France are beautiful and you will enjoy the landscape very much in the trips. The following points are your renting car guide in France.

Documents required for car rental

The first and perhaps most important tip is that in France, Italy and Germany, some car rental companies may require the international driver’s license. There is no rule, because some places ask and others do not. In some European countries it is only necessary to present the local driver’s license and the passport, but these three countries are a bit more rigorous. We advise that after you rent a car in Paris, you can send an email to the rental company asking if there is a need, but in case you need to do the International Driver’s License, the process is super simple. Many people traveling to Europe prefer to secure and already travel with their hands, so as not to have problems.

Age-related driving rules

France has just announced that 14-year-olds can already drive a car through city streets without having to worry. The measure, however, is restricted to quadricycles, with well defined characteristics.

Tips for driving and saving on vehicle rental

The highways, streets and avenues of Paris and all of France are excellent and well represent the first world that is Europe. An organized and easy-to-drive transit system. Car GPS tracker is a great ally and works perfectly.  Now let’s give you the tips on how to rent a good car in Paris getting the best price. The first and great tip for renting a cheap car in Paris and France is to do a price search on all the car rental companies from there. The easiest and cheapest way to rent a car in France is to make the reservation here through the Internet, to guarantee your car and the best price, since booking online and in advance, it is much cheaper than renting on time and you do not run the risk of running out.

Awesome car price comparators

There are some car price comparators that are excellent and do all the work for you. You enter the website, put the date of your trip and they do a search on all the major car rental companies of Paris, France and the world. It’s the best way to find the best price among all the companies, find incredible deals and save a lot on car rentals in Europe. If you want to do the search, click on Google Car Rental Comparison. In a few seconds you will have on your screen all the options of car rental in the best companies and just choose the cheapest one.

France car rental companies

There are several good car rental companies with shops all over Europe. The best car rental companies in Paris, France and Europe are Alamo, Europcar, Sixt, Hertz, Avis, Budget and Enterprise. They all have shops dotted around all European cities and at major airports in Paris and France. In these large companies, you can rent a car in Barcelona, ​​for example, and return in France. Another tip is in pick up from the car which is nice to pick up the vehicle at the airport as soon as you arrive to save money with the taxi you would spend to go to the hotel and already save time of your trip too and not need to go to the other day.

More tips to save on car rental

Another tip to get a cheap car rental in Paris and France is to always try to share the value of the car with other people, because if you are traveling with friends, for example, the value of the rent is getting cheaper by dividing the value for everyone and dividing gasoline and parking lots. If you have conditions, we recommend renting a car in Paris and Europe. It is an incredible experience and the roads are beautiful. Do not forget to use the comparator as it really helps save a lot of money on the trip.