Tips And Tricks For Professional Face Painting In Melbourne

Face painting is form of art, and it is fun too! There are funfairs and festivals where you can find face painters showcasing their beautiful talent. They are all experts in their chosen career, but what about people who may be a novice or wish to try face painting on their own? What are some handy tips and tricks to know? Well to help, here’s a look at some points to consider when getting into professional face painting in Melbourne:

1.Using craft glitter

If you wish to add some sparkle to the face, don’t use the craft sparkles and go for makeup glitter instead. Since the craft sparkles are square in shape, their sharp edges can get into the eyes. Since face glitter is rounded in shape, they are much less likely to cause warm if they accidentally get into the eye region.

2.Extra care round lips and eyes

It may sound simple, but remember to use eye makeup brushes around the eyes and lip makeup utensils around the lips as it will prevent any kind of irritation on the face of the person getting painted. Always use the correct type of brush for the area you are painting to avoid any irritation around sensitive areas such as the eyes. You can even wash your makeup brush and use it for painting, but you can buy brushes for professional face painting from any local craft store.

3.Split Cake

You may have seen a lot of colourful face paintings such as butterflies. If you thought it was difficult to achieve, here’s the trick: you should invest in a split cake that comes with a multi-coloured palette. Dab a sponge on your palette and begin face painting. You will get a rainbow of colours without putting in any extra effort. Split cakes are easy to find at any local craft store.

4.Steady support

Again, it may sound like a simple tip but it is very important. When you are drawing any shape or a line on the face, support your wrist with the other hand to keep your hand steady. Learning this from the very beginning will ensure that your artwork comes out amazing every time.

5. Being easy with mistakes

Since you are not a professional, mistakes can happen. Then again, they also may happen with professionals too. This is ok. Keep extra cotton swabs to wipe off any mistakes and start painting again. Remember there are no mistakes, just happy accidents!

6.Baby oil

Baby oil is ideal for removing face paint, so always remember to keep some on you. Just simply dip a cotton swap or ball into some baby oil and gently and slowly swipe and streak across the desired area. Once it is all off, a full face wash is recommended to ensure that all face paint and other materials are fully removed and the face is clean.

Keep these tips and tricks in mind when looking to get into professional face painting in Melbourne and you will be a professional in no time!