Things You Should Know About Concrete Sealing

Be it a concrete patio or a concrete driveway, you will want to ensure that, they always remain attractive and also last for a longer period of time. Out of these techniques, the concrete sealing is one of the most popular and also it has been found very effective in the longevity of the concrete. Concrete sealing leads to the longevity of the product, and it protects and adds value to the floor patterns and design. Moreover, concrete sealing makes the floor mold and mildew-resistant and reduces scaling and cracking of any kind.

Types Of Concrete Sealing:

There are various types of concrete sealing. Out of these, there are three main types of concrete sealing which are widely used. These are as follows:

  • Topical: These are the concrete sealers which are placed on the surface of the concrete and thus it plays an important role in protecting the concrete by forming a layer. These sealers are widely used. You can use topical sealers both inside and outside of the house.
  • Penetrating: These sealers, unlike the topical, don’t stay on the surface. They penetrate the concrete and hence form a layer which protects the concrete from external factors such as moisture etc.
  • Integral: This type of concrete sealing is very different from the above two types. In this type, the integral sealers are added into the mixture of the concrete and hence, play a key role in sealing the concrete to protect it from various external factors. This type of sealers has the same result as the topical sealers but in this concrete sealing, the sealing starts immediately.

Benefits Of Concrete Sealing:

There are multiple benefits of concrete sealing due to which they are widely used. Staring from extending life of the concrete to increase durability, these sealers play an important role in various aspects of the concrete. Following are few of the benefits of the concrete sealing due to which they are used in various fields.

  • Preventing mould: Concrete absorbs moisture. In any environment, these moistures don’t dry up and hence starts to form mould.  As a result of which, discolouration may appear on the concrete. There are various types of sealings which prevent the formation of moulding in the concrete and hence, protect the concrete from the mould. It also makes the concrete durable for a longer period of time as a mould over time weakens the core of the concrete. 
  • Increasing durability: There are various external factors which decrease the durability of concrete. For example, due to these external elements, the concrete becomes susceptible to cracking, scaling etc. With the help of the concrete sealing, you can increase the durability factor of the concrete. If you want the concrete to look attractive, then you should go for those concrete sealers. You can choose between topical and normal sealer, and it does not matter what type of sealer you choose, you need to choose porous concrete so that it can absorb moisture to a large extent.
  • Enhances colour: When concrete is exposed to the external elements, they tend to become discoloured due to various factors. For example, the mould is one of the primary reasons due to which concrete may lose its colour and hence, can look old and dingy. Various types of concrete sealing will ensure that these colours won’t fade away and you will have the concrete as if it was new.

 Concrete sealing plays an important role in the protection of the concrete. It will save it from the external factors and hence, will keep its integrity and will also prevent discolouration. The cost of sealing depends on the type of urethane or laminate material that you use for your sealing process.