Things You Need To Know To Become An Uber Driver In Sydney

Becoming an Uber driver is not that complicated, especially in Sydney. All you need to do is submit all the necessary requirements, have a smartphone with internet access, a bank account, an Uber app, and of course, a vehicle to pick up and bring passengers to their destinations.

Now if you are from Sydney, then you have come to the right place. This article will walk you through on the most important things that you need to know to become a Sydney Uber driver.

Driver And Vehicle Requirements (All Uber Types)

Depending on your Uber car type, you will earn differently from the others. This is also how the vehicle requirements for each Uber Car Type is determined. To give you an idea, here are the minimum driver and vehicle requirements for all Uber types.

Driver Requirements.

  • The Uber driver should be at least 21 years old.
  • Should own or rented an Uber-approved vehicle.
  • Have a full NSW drivers’ license.
  • A full driver’s license in any territory or state for at least one year.
  • Have a third-party or comprehensive property insurance for the vehicle. The driver should also have specialized rideshare insurance for additional protection.
  • The driver can provide a Private Hire Vehicle Authority that is issued by the Roads and Maritime Services.
  • Completed a vehicle inspected at any registered Uber inspection site.
  • Passed the background check.

Minimum Vehicle Requirements (All Uber Cars In Sydney)

In order to be an Uber driver, your vehicle should meet the requirements. It is important to understand that if your vehicle does not meet the minimum specification for UberX, it will not also pass for other Uber car types. To be able to provide Uber car service in Sydney, your car should be in excellent working condition. It should also pass a vehicle inspection and should have a current CTP insurance in NSW and current registration.

It should also look presentable. That means that there should be no cosmetic damage. The vehicle should have at least 4 doors and can seat no more than 8 people (including the driver’s seat).  The windows and air condition should be functioning properly. It should also not feature any commercial branding.

How To Have Access To Uber-Approved Vehicles?

If you do not have an Uber-approved vehicle, don’t you worry because there are options available for you here in Sydney. Here’s what you can do:

  • Rent A Car. If you need a car, you can rent a brand-new Uber-approved car. With car hire services like UCAR, you can rent one of the Uber-ready vehicles for as little as $33 a day or $231 a week. This is an affordable, flexible option if you want to get on the road quickly.
  •  Rent-To-Own A Car. If you want to own the car after your rental agreement with UCAR, then you can choose the rent-to-own option.
  • Get A Car Loan. If can wait for a little longer to drive your own car, then you can get a car loan. There are plenty of car finance options available through Uber company partners, through your bank, or through a credit union and even with a standalone car lender.

UCAR – Uber Car Hire For Interested Drivers

In Australia, if you do not have a car and you want to be an Uber driver, you don’t need to worry. There are uber car hire services that will let you rent a vehicle on a daily or weekly basis at a very affordable price. UCAR is one of the trusted names in Australia. They have branches in three locations – Melbourne, Sydney, and Brisbane.