Things that are to be done after a hair transplant.


A hair transplant is a procedure good for hair harmony and you.In this surgery a surgeon helps the patient to grow natural hair even if they are bald. This is a surgical process in which a surgeon cuts a strip of your hair. Then he/she transplant it to the bald portions of your scalp. The hair that is going to do the transplant surgery is known as donor’s hair. Therefore, the donor’s hairs are taken from the back of the scalp or ears. Some surgeons take donor hairs from other body parts also, this is done in exceptional cases only.

If your heart is fully set for surgery, then go and ask the doctor for hair transplant costs.

What are the things that are to be done after a hair transplant procedure?

After going under the procedure, the patient should lessen his activities and should take rest. This will help the patient to minimize the growth of infection. They should minimize their activities as much as possible for 5-10 days.

  1. Approximately for 3 nights, the patient should sleep in a room having 45 degrees or less temperature. This will avoid swelling problems.
  2. The patient should not eat ice cream and aspirins for 3 to 5 days. These are the things that can lead to complications.
  3. Avoid alcoholic drinks and smoking for about 2 weeks after the surgery. If not avoided the blood will not be supplied properly to the scalp.
  4. Apply snow or ice cubes on the forehead after 2 hours. This will help the patient to avoid swelling due to sweat.

What are things that are to be done by the patient in case of feeling pain?

You do not need to worry. Many of the people need painkillers for 2-4 days after surgery. These medicines prescribed by the doctor help you in stoning and killing the pain.

A proper prescription is given to you by the doctor. If not you can consult the doctor.

  1. Bloating and swelling after the transplant surgery:
  2. Swelling and bloating may occur after your first hair transplantation. This is due to excessive sweat. You should take care of yourself after the treatment.
  3. Swelling usually happens on the second and fourth days after the transplant. This is considered the transient phase after surgery. The swelling problems are not permanent, they will reduce down themselves after the surgery.
  4. Swelling can be avoided by taking proper sleep and medicines.
  5. You should continue sleeping with a flat pillow, as because they help a lot in avoiding swelling. And it is one of the most important things recommended by the doctor.
  • Infections after hair transplant:
  • Infections are very rare. But there are so many people that face infection problems after transplant surgery.
  • To avoid infections, you have to avoid dirt and bacteria during the work or activities you are doing.
  • You should not touch the donor area if you want to touch it your hand should be sterilized. This will help in minimizing the infection growth on your scalp.
  • If any pain, redness, swelling occurs in the area of transplant, then you report to the doctor immediately.
  • Work and Exercise after the hair transplant procedure:
  • You should avoid hard works and exercise until one week after the surgery. If practised you can suffer from so many complications. So, it is better to avoid it.
  • You should avoid weight lifting or carry of loads for 10 to 14 days after the surgery.
  • You should also avoid sunbaths and sauna steam for approximately 3 weeks after the surgery.
  • Sexual contact should also be avoided after the surgery because it can lead to complications.

Taking proper care will result in good hair harmony and you.

What about the first hair wash after the hair transplant procedure?

  1. On the third day, after the procedure, you have to wash your hair. You should wash your hair very gently during bath time.
  2. You should avoid pouring water.
  3. Should avoid adding pressure on the hair follicles.
  4. On the third or fifth day, you can use a glass or jar to wash your hair.
  5. You should use very less water to wash the area of transplanted roots.
  6. After the second and third day of the procedure, you can touch your roots. You can gently touch the transplanted area with the tips of your fingers.
  7. You should avoid plucking of transplanted roots. It is better for you to consult the doctor- how to do first hair wash after hair transplant?
  8. When coming to your hair, you must more careful. You should protect all the transplanted roots.
  9. Try to avoid usage of hair dryers for the first 3 weeks. It can create complications for your scalp.
  10. You can cut your hair once the transplanted roots fall off.

These are the important things that you should keep in mind after hair transplant surgery.

Go and consult the doctor about surgery including hair transplant cost, if you really want to go through surgery. Try to avoid these above-mentioned things, till the time your doctor says you are Ok.