The truth about fake tyres is about to be revealed

The modern era of connectivity has changed many things; one of these things is shopping. Unlike traditional shopping, for the majority of the part, we now surf the web to get the hang of everything and find solutions to our various problems. Innovative online shopping has made it simple to purchase whatever we want for our vehicle; however, there is a catch in terms of fake merchandise.

In regards to auto parts, let’s talk about tyres –the single most significant piece of the vehicle. Purchasing a tyre online or at a local tyre shop might be easy, but buying the right and genuine tyre is difficult due vast majority of options and overwhelming variations in tyres. In fact, it is a completely new world of tyres out there. Many people often buy these counterfeit tyres online and even from a local tyre shop and the worst part is that they do not even know it.

Commonly fake tyres every now and again are auctioned off on online web-based platforms, so it is basic that you purchase from the reliable and well known online tyre shop.

While there are as of now a huge amount of aides out there to enable you to locate the correct tyre for your needs, as a general rule, more alternatives are not constantly something to be thankful for. This is particularly valid as it indicates to the issue of fake tyres.

As a rule of thumb, never purchase a tyre just because it looks like a new one and is wrapped up in an extravagant plastic wrap. Be that as it may, these enveloped by plastic tyres may be the old or utilized ones, which may be expired or flagged as unfit to drive with due to various other reasons.

Whenever you plan to purchase a tyre remember to ensure you cross-examine till every one of your inquiries are replied even if you buy from reliable online tyre store a local tyre shop such as Bridgestone tyre Dubai.

In the event that anyone sells a fake tyre they are not simply carrying out a wrongdoing, they’re also putting somebody’s life in danger. Regardless of whether it’s conscious or an oversight, that is a choice that could cause issues down the road for anyone.

How to identify a fake tyre?

Following are some of the tips that will help you in identifying a fake tyre:

Be straightforward

Before you start being a tyre detective its rather simple and convenient to ask the tyre seller “is this tyre fake?” if you get an answer in ‘yes’ then you can simply move on to the next tyre seller and if the answer is ‘no’ you can go ahead and cross-check your to be purchased tyre as per tips below.

Platform matters

It is very important where you buy your tyres from. If you are purchasing tyre from the official website of reputable tyre manufacturer, reliable online tyre store such as Pitstoparabia in Dubai, or reputable local tyre store than you can be sure that your tyres are genuine. In case you are buying from the non-reliable and non-reputable source than investigating your tyre is compulsory.

On the off chance that you wind up hoping to purchase a tyre on an unbelievable deal yet feel something is off about the seller and the platform of your purchase, it’s always a great idea to trust your gut and move on to a reliable tyre seller even if you get an expensive deal.

Check for fake name and logo

You may be shocked over how stupid a portion of the phoney names of tyre are, however, the danger is genuine. A phoney logo or incorrectly spelt tyre name is the principal sign that the tyres are fake.

Some of the examples are:

  • Direllis
  • Jokohamas
  • Smidgestones

Periodically, the phoney tyre manufacturers attempt to duplicate the original brand name of reputable tyre manufactures. In case you are planning to purchase tyres online remember to go through all the pictures provided and most importantly go through the reviews of the tyre before clicking on ‘buy now’.

Look for key details on the tyre

Purchasing tyres can be somewhat uncertain even with all the data on the tyres and despite the fact that you have enough information about the item.

Numerous individuals may not take note of essential data engraved on a tyre such as ISO metric tyre code and expiry date, however, this key information is very significant and if that is missing from the tyre, that is an obvious warning.

You can without much of a stretch ask your tyre seller to clarify what each one of numbers on your tyre mean in case you don’t know since it is essential for distinguishing proof and security purposes that the data is there and the tyre is genuine.

Also, remember to perform a quick Google search upon given details of the tyre to see if the information is legitimate and is not made up.

Look for accompanying the paperwork

When you purchase tyres from a legitimate vendor you can anticipate to receive additional documentation about proprietorship and guarantees to accompany the buy. In the event that you discover the merchant of the tyres has no documentation of the tyre, it’s all around likely the tyres are fake.  In case that you willingly are buying used tyres than its possible that paperwork might be missing.

Ultimately, it’s better to not buy a tyre that has no accompanying documentation.

Physically check the tyres

Tyre might look fine however when checking them out physically you might be surprised. Give the tyre few kicks to shake it up gently in order to see if any cracks or sign of damage pops up and is visible to naked eye.

On the off chance, the tyre starts to give indications of harm from a couple of basic kicks, you can be sure that your tyre will not be able to stand promised mileage.

Keep an eye out for the colour of your tyre

The standard colour of tyre is black. In the event that you realize that your tyre seller is persuading you that pink or ultra-soft purple is standard tyre colour, be warned.

This point might not be applicable if you are buying a used, customized or a spare tyre.

It is conceivable to get tyres that are not the standard dark. On the off chance that you are searching out an especially unique kind of tyre, it’s totally conceivable you may discover a few colour alternatives.


A study shows that 20% of road accidents happen because of fake car parts. You ought to perceive what to look for when getting new tyres to know your life isn’t pointlessly being jeopardized.

The worldwide economy we live in makes selling in fake merchandise much simpler. Knowing how to spot a fake tyre is highly significant since it guarantees that the tyres you are purchasing are certifiable and safe to utilize.

A few drivers may feel like a cheap deal on the fake tyre is justified, despite all the trouble, regardless of whether the item they purchase is not real. However, in fact, they are playing with their own lives, yet those of their friends and family and other people sharing the road. So spending a few extra bucks now can save you a lot tomorrow.