The quick tour to the SAT exam

There are many institutes that provide coaching for various types of entrance exams/ tests. There are number of institutes that offers guarantee for the result of these tests. But actually it’s not only on the preparation of your tutorial teacher. It’s about your additional efforts that you are ready to make. The modern technology has changed the way of studying as well. For students going to institute for coaching they can also watch videos online on the website of that particular coaching institute. Other than this even preparation material is also available to the students who are seeking tuitions from that institute.

Students have access to both the virtual preparation providers as well as the preparation booklets given to every student of the institute. One of the tests that students prepare for more often is SAT. SAT is the acronym used for the Scholastic Aptitude Test. This test is conducted by an organization that is situated in USA. There are best SAT coaching in Noida that are available in the country all over. Usually students face problem in preparing for mathematic portion. The mathematics section can be divided into 4 sub-sections. This portion covers the following topics:

  • Data analysis and problem solving: Use of ratios, percentage, rates, proportions. This section also focuses on calculating probabilities, mean, median, mode. Students also get an exposure to problems relating to linear and exponential growth.
  • Some Additional topics: conversion between radian and degree formulas, operations of complex numbers, learn about trigonometric theorem and Pythagorean theorem and trigonometric ratios, learn about parallel lines, perpendicular lines and congruent triangles. Finding values in a circle and interpreting standard form of equation in it.
  • A little of advanced mathematics: Understanding the function of notation, isolation of a variable in non linear equation, a little exposure to the topic of polynomials, exponential function, solving equation of quadratic and linear equations, performing addition, subtraction and multiplication in polynomials, solving problems relating to non-linear graphs and equation.
  • Algebra: This involves solving linear equations with single variable and multiple variables, translate an expression given into inequality, equality and understanding the linear graphs and interpreting them.

There are other sections in the SAT exam as well but the most difficult is the mathematics portion. So it will be good if one understands all the topics that need to be prepared for this section. The mathematics portion/ Quant portion is based on algebra, pre-calculus and geometry. If students prepare for these topics really well there is a high chance that they will clear through this section easily.

SAT board has no particular eligibility criteria that need to be fulfilled before going through this exam. There are various SAT coaching in Noida prep centers in the country that provides the best coaching possible and are achieving results. SAT is usually meant for students who want to go to abroad for an undergraduate course. The SAT exams take place usually 4 times in a year. So any student who wants to go for an undergraduate course in abroad should take this test. But do read about the details before taking any exam.