The Nitties And Gritties Of Hosting a Coffee Event. What And How?

Every community needs a coffee event. This allows one to meet, discuss and collaborate with ideas, providing a platform for innovation, thinking and visualizing your goals. It also helps professionals to improve their skill set by learning new things or churning out in a competition. Such events spread passion and excitement. Be it a weekly coffee event or a mufti-version of barista competition, read this article to know why one should organize events for coffee catering in TX  and if you are planning to do one- how to do it.

Why organize a coffee event

If one loves coffee, then they can benefit from such events. Whether you are a professional or like to treat it as a hobby. In addition to a certain degree, such networking events supports the idea of an individual and helps one to be in a supportive community. This helps one to understand the coffee in a new way, thus working on improving new skills and helps one in learning new technicalities.

You are considered lucky if you live in an area where such events occur in numbers, but if you come up with different and unique ideas then people would love to attend such different events. Perhaps there’s a coffee competition event but you think it’s too serious for everything and want your competitors to tell a new joke with every sip. Whatever you want, by organizing such events, you’ll be able to know and control as per your needs and requirements.

You can make it happen by organizing the events you want. The amazing thing about organizing your coffee event is, it can be exactly the way you want to be and the type it should be.

If you are a cafe or roastery owner then one should step in to organize such an event. It is an amazing opportunity to consolidate your brand and also provide different services that your regulars and also invite new customers.

Let’s take a look at how to do it…

  • Keep you C-game on

Don’t think about your A-game, you need a C-game and by that, we mean, your coffee-game. The more you try to control the tiny little details of the event, the harder it’s going to be. Get in sync with like-minded people and can share your goals and responsibilities with them. We understand that finding niche people isn’t easy but the more you hang out at these places, talk and attend these barista events, the easier it’s going to be.

  • Keep your venue game top-notch

Know the importance of the venue of such events. If you are a business owner,  then you should probably use your place. If it is too small or has some insurance issues then find a good place to host an event.

  • Branding

Always brand your events. It makes a great marketing opportunity for the venue owner and a way to get more attendees. Be it a coffee shop, roastery or something else. From FB polls, face to face conversations or even a simple survey with each order. It is important to stay professional, without any misleading information or ploy.

  • Types of events you can host.

There is a huge array of sorts of events that you can host. The top five suggestions that range from a coffee beginner to a coffee pro.

What Kind of Event Should You Host?

There is a huge range of events that you can host, and I couldn’t possibly list them all. But to get you started, here are five suggestions that go from coffee beginner to coffee pro.

  • A Coffee Appreciation Evening
    • A Brewing Methods Evening
    • Palate Development/Coffee Tasting
    • Coffee Cuppings/Cup Tasters
    • Barista/Latte Artwork

If you are looking to host an event, look out for a coffee bar in Dallas or contact us for Coffee Catering Services For Your Special Events And requirements.