The importance of owning a website

In light of the proliferation of Internet services and the dependence of many entities, institutions and individuals on the important services provided by the Internet (including the establishment of a website) are indispensable in various areas of life, especially for commercial activities where the Internet has now become a large global market with no regional or geographical boundaries .

Therefore, the creation of a special website has become necessary for anyone who wants to be influential on the Internet, and the search for the best form through which this site can be presented is an important step to achieve the goal of its creation, and here is the important and urgent question: How to create a website? In what we will show in this article we will develop a simplified concept of the idea of ​​creating a website in an easy and easy way.

What do you need to have a website?

All Internet users, whether they are website owners or visitors, need a transit to enable access to this giant network, and this means of transit is either through a computer or via smartphones of various kinds.

After you can connect to the Internet you will need:

 Internet browser: This is known as (web browser), and its function to allow your device to access the Internet, and access to different websites and benefit from Internet services, there are many different types of Internet browsers and you can choose the browser you want according to your needs.

We come to the basic elements that you need in particular on your way to get a website on the Internet and are: –

Get a place on the Internet to upload files for your site, which will be displayed through its pages, which is known as hosting (web-hosting) This service is provided by sites and companies specialized in this area for money paid monthly or yearly.

Next comes the step of choosing a suitable name for your site, which will be placed in the search box in the browser, which is known as the domain name (Domain name), and this name should not be similar to the name of another site, when you create a website you can access at 🙁 And see if the name is used or not ..?! You can buy a specific name, and some hosting sites provide this name for free, and in the same context should specify the desired extension and appropriate to the quality of the site’s activity and this is what you offer experts to create sites.

The important step is to get the proper design of the website This step requires a lot of knowledge and knowledge of the foundations of building websites and different programming languages, and you will often need a specialist in this area for the best form and best performance.

Filling out the main pages of the site and these pages are indispensable when creating a website, it is a business card between you and visitors;

Start publishing your site through the host, you now have a website and all you need is to promote the website to increase the number of visitors and achieve the goal of creating it.

Things to consider when creating a website: –

The look and feel of the site plays a big role in attracting visitors.

Choosing a strong web hosting service with a credibility and experience gives your site flexibility and protects it from hacking and hacking.

Choose a logo that reflects your activity and helps build your brand.

It does not end when creating a website; it needs maintenance and updating.

Make sure to provide your site with good topics and renew its content, so be sure to consult specialists in the field of content management or learn how to properly manage the content of websites on various platforms such as WordPress.

Content is the material that is published on the pages of the site, such as: articles, pictures, illustrations, Motion Graphics, videos, and whenever this content is distinct and exclusive whenever contributed to the site’s search results on search engines such as (Google and Bing).

Good site design contributes to its speed and search engines know it quickly.

It is essential that the design of the site is compatible with different Internet access means such as computers and smartphones, so that the user does not have difficulty accessing your site at any time and through any means available to it will ensure you reach more visitors.

Finally, we can say that the process of creating a distinct website is not difficult, and at the same time can not be underestimated any of the previous steps, it is an integrated system helps you to create a distinctive website that gets the first results through search engines and reach the target groups.



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