The Famous King Trumpet

There is almost nothing better than the sound of a great band or ensemble. This sound can be very soft and moving or it can be fast and powerful. No matter what type of sound is being made, it is important that all of the pieces in the ensemble are correctly tuned and are made of the most excellent quality. Having a piece that is poorly crafted can drastically affect the sound of the ensemble as a whole. As one of the most powerful sounds in an ensemble, it is very important that the trumpet is made of the best quality and produces beautiful and on key sounds.

One of the companies that aims to produce this perfectly tuned sound is King Trumpets. This company has had a history in trumpets ever since it was founded in 1893 by Henderson N. White. He started as a simple instrument repair man in Cleveland, Ohio. When a trombonist Thomas King of the Lyceum Theater Orchestra urged White to create the design of a new trombone, White gratefully agreed. He came up with the “King” Trombone. Since that day, White created a series of brass instruments that literally blew the competition away.  It’s models like the King 600 trumpet, King 601 trumpet, King Legend trumpet, and the King Intermediate Silver trumpet that are very popular.

This company specializes not only in concert trumpets, but also in a series of marching brass, such as tubas, euphoniums, French horns, and cornets. These instruments have earned their place in the hearts of thousands of marching musicians and sitting musicians alike. These hand crafted and customized instruments are some of the most beloved in the industry.

As a testament to the company’s success, many famous and professional musicians have used and been using King Trumpets and other instruments for many years. Trombonist Tommy Dorsey used these instruments in performances for years. Other musicians such as Scat Davis, Vaughn Monroe, Cannonball Adderley, and Mel Davis have all used these instruments to woo their audiences into submission. It is no surprise that so many of these artists and musicians all use these beautifully and skillfully hand crafted instruments.

The King trumpet is in every way one of the most important instruments in a band or ensemble. Without the trumpet, the sound of the band would be much weaker and would not have enough oomph to win over audiences. The power and pristine sound that is always emanated from its bell gives testament to just how important a trumpet is to the sound of the band or ensemble.