The Expense of Renting a Storage Unit

Do you find that you never seem to have enough storage at home and don’t want to have to throw anything out or spend a significant amount of money expanding your home? If so, then renting a storage unit might be the ideal solution to the clutter of daily living.

We all accumulate various items over time, and it can be challenging to part with them, especially if they carry sentimental value. Nevertheless, keeping them in your home can be tough. Hence a good compromise is to use a self-storage unit that would allow you to store as many of your stuff as you need offsite. The latter has become a popular option for many people, and there is likely to be a storage unit facility near you.

What to expect out of a rental storage facility?

Self-storage units offer a clean, safe and convenient space to store one’s property. They provide excellent value for money, mainly for people who have an immediate need for additional storage space.

Of course, you might be wondering — How much are rental storage units ? Well, people are often surprised at the low cost of self-storage systems. They are incredibly affordable, with the expense depending on the size of the unit and its location.

To work out how much space you need – and therefore, the cost of your self-storage requirement – you need to take into account precisely what you’d be storing. Lots of self-storage business have space calculators on their sites to assist you to work out your storage requirements.

An overview of the cost of renting a storage unit

If you need to store your bedroom furnishings, you will most likely require a small self-storage container of about nine cubic metres. This might cost just $3 daily. These smaller systems are also the best method to store boxes, business records, receipts and tools that aren’t utilised very typically.

A slightly larger self-storage unit, of 13.5 cubic metres, is roughly the size of a small garage. It’s an excellent option for saving seasonal items, bikes, new furnishings and larger boxes. A storage unit of that size would probably cost less than $4 each day.

If you need to store the quantity of furniture that would suit a one bedroom home, you will need a self-storage unit of about 22.5 cubic metres. This unit would be most likely to cost under $6 per day and would be able to accommodate large items such as beds, lounge suite, television and boxes of individual products. For a 27 cubic metre unit – you can expect to pay just over $6 daily. That would accommodate most items from a 2-bedroom house.

If you are wondering about car storage cost per month, then a storage unit measuring 54 cubic metres is often enough. These cost around $10 daily but has enough storage space to accommodate household items and one vehicle. These self-storage centres are especially ideal for people who require to keep whatever from their home while they are travelling overseas for an extended time.

So there you have it — a rough estimate on the cost of renting a storage unit. As you may have already realised, the expends depends on how much storage space you need and what you’d be using it for. In any case, most people would agree that it is a convenient and more cost-effective solution for augmenting one’s storage space needs.